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Dispelling the myths that extensions damage your hair.

Hair extensions are really big business for salons, yet one of the most frequently asked questions is still about them causing damage to your own hair and scalp.   We talk to extension brand Remi Cachet and some of their Super Stylists about this myth and three truths you need to know before heading to the salon.

“As long as a thorough consultation is done, medical and lifestyle circumstances are taken into account, then the hair can actually benefit from wearing extensions.” Helen Richardson, The Salon, Louth.   “Wearing extensions can let damaged hair recover, and with the additional hair care routines needed for extensions, then you will be caring for your own hair more too.”

What to look for in good application with an extensionist can be hard to know, Super Stylist Ashleigh Stewart of ASH Studios, Edinburgh sums it up as “If it is neat, it’s right ✔”  Ashleigh regularly shares her placement images on Instagram for different application methods and suggests clients look for stylists’ work with clean, neat sections and placement not too close to the scalp so there is a little flexibility to move.

Having the right care at home is crucial to make the extensions last longer and stay safe.  Cleaning properly, regular correct brushing and separating the bonds to prevent matting are the main points and your stylist will explain your aftercare in full, with additional tips for your circumstances, at your consultation and application appointment.

Returning for your re-fit appointments is equally as important and allows the stylist to also check your homecare and offer suggestions to keep on top of the care if necessary.

Emily Barber of Emily Jane Hair Extensions explains the re-fit appointment as “Every 7-8 weeks we remove them, brush the hair to remove the natural hair that has shed, and re-section stronger sections for the hair to be safely re-applied, causing no damage to the natural hair. We also move the sections slightly higher or lower each time to give your hair a break on rotation.”

A real-life tale
Claire went to Super Stylist Mark Taylor of MLT Hair Extensions, Southport, four years ago after bad application left her hair broken and bald patches.    Four years on, with Marks expert application, and aftercare guidance her hair is back to full healthy strength.

Claire’s broken hair four years ago                      Claire’s hair now, natural growth and thickness returned

Find A Stylist to book a hair consultation and look at your hair here: https://www.additionallengths.co.uk/map and be honest about your concerns with the stylist so they can explain further for you and put your mind at rest.

Remi Cachet is proud to offer their customers a hair journey that is 100% recyclable and sustainable.

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