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Simone Thomas of Simone Thomas Wellness reveals her go-to products for some much needed hair love.

There is nothing so demoralising as catching sight of ourselves in the mirror with unwashed and uncared for locks.  Even if we are not able to go out and socialise now, let us show ourselves and our hair some love!

My favourite go-to products are Davines Vegan Hair Care products as well as Simone Thomas Wellness; if you feel your hair is not looking or feeling its best, then these five superhero products will help your hair.

Davines Energizing Shampoo RRP £18

It will stimulate and regenerate hair that is fragile and prone to falling out.  The hair receives a gently cleanse for a pleasant sensation of energy and vitality.  Enriched with “HAIR ENERGY COMPLEX” which has a rebalancing effect and hydrating action on the hair surface, it is also paraben and sulphate free.

Davines Alchemic Conditioners RRP £22

These fantastic conditioning creams are perfect for faded hair colour during lockdown that needs reviving.  A biodegradable and natural formula containing pure pigments designed to intensify natural or coloured hair, maintaining the brilliance of the colours while offering a high conditioning effect.

Available in silver (for blonde hair), copper, chocolate and red as well as pink, coral, lavender and more to add a fun fashion temporary colour to your hair!

Davines Curl Building Serum RRP £18

For flexible curly locks, this outstanding serum enhances the curls in wavy hair, giving them elasticity without weighing them down.  It eliminates frizz and resists humidity, giving a natural glossy effect.

The Renaissance Circle RRP £9

One of the Davines Circle Chronicles, this is an extreme repair hair mask which can give the most damaged of tresses a new lease of life!  It will restore healthy shine and softness to hair that has been damaged by heat styling, home hair colouring (we recommend you avoid this!) or environmental conditions.

The Davines Circle Chronicles have a range of seven different masks for all your hair needs.   We also love the Let It Go Circle, which is a soothing and relaxing scalp and hair mask offering a true wellbeing experience.  The gorgeous scent has a rebalancing and anti-stress action – perfect for these times!

A body and hair boost with award winning Biotin Hair Growth Plan

For soft, strong, shiny hair that looks good all day long we recommend our Biotin Hair Care Plan, expertly formulated to maintain your hair in peak condition, using only the finest ingredients with proven health benefits.

Containing Biotin Brilliance tablets, Super Green capsules, and Everyday Wellness capsules, supplying you with biotin, iodine, live cultures, and botanicals. Make every day a happy healthy hair day with our Biotin Hair Care Plan. Your daily minerals and vitamins for healthy hair!

The Biotin Haircare Plan and The Ginko Haircare Plan are £130 both for hair thinning and hair loss.

More tips on how to look after your hair download our free Ebook: https://simonethomaswellness.com/love-hair/

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