Alterna Bond Repair

by Hair Magazine

Lose yourself in luxury
Luxury isn’t luxury if you can’t be generous with it, which is why the Alterna Bond Repair range is back with new formulas that feature some powerful ingredients. The resulting regime is all about creating a ritual that leaves hair feeling strong, protected and cared for.

Sensorial experience
Using science influenced by skincare and how we layer it, we’ve introduced new formulations for three of our core formulas, making the Bond Repair range more impactful than ever before. Just like with a favourite skin serum or cream, texture is so important when it comes to building a cohesive routine; as such the Bond Repair range has been
designed to not only deliver results but to truly transport anyone who uses it to a more relaxing, comforting space.

The finishing touch to this sensorial moment? Our premium fragrance blend of Green Tea,
Bergamot and soothing Almond – perfect for restoring calm to the wash day ritual.

Reparative range
Centred around our new, sustainably sourced conditioning ingredient Maracuja Oil, the focus of the ritual is deep hydration; hydrated hair is stronger, less prone to breakage and looks healthy and happy. Featuring our exclusive Caviar Bond Enforcing Technology, the range is all about results, for all hair types. Used together the newly reformulated Bond Repair Shampoo and Conditioner provide more than 250% more shine than the current
formula and the Masque delivers 160% more smoothness and 12% more shine – and this is all after just one use.
Who needs Bond Repair?
We’ve all become so much more experimental with our hair over the past couple of years; colour has become part of our self-expression, bleach is a regular go-to and heated tools are part of our daily routines. Add to that environmental stressors in the form of pollution, air conditioning and central heating, and it’s easy to see why our hair needs some extra care and attention. As well as rejuvenating coloured, damaged hair, Bond Repair is a range that speaks to
anyone who simply appreciates quality ingredients and feels like they’ve tried everything in their quest for healthy, hydrated hair.The regime:
Bond Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. Together this dynamic duo protects and repairs damaged hair. Frizz is reduced, split ends are a thing of the past, and hair is smoother, softer and shinier.
Bond Repair Masque. A must-have in any hair repair regime is this moisturising masque. Designed to deliver, healthy, shiny hair, it reduces breakage and protects against daily damage.

A sustainable future
We are pleased to announce that our Bond Repair packaging now features 50% less PCR
plastic and we’re using a brand new thin wall technology to create more flexible, user-friendly bottles.

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