Alterna launches NEW high-performance My Hair. My Canvas. Collection for textures and curls

Multi-benefit, sensorial, silicone-free, vegan formulas that embrace and enhance the beauty of waves, curls and coils

by Hair Magazine

Alterna, a visionary creator of luxury haircare products formulated without harsh chemicals and additives, announces the launch of it’s Texture & Curls collection from My Hair. My Canvas., Alterna’s 100% vegan line celebrating self-care and self-expression. The high-performance, silicone-free collection offers 5 formulas designed to celebrate natural textures and curl types.

A majority of women worldwide have wavy, curly, or coily hair and prefer products designed specifically for their texture. At Alterna, we understand that every curl is unique and that wash days can be laborious for the curls crowd. This collection simplifies the curly haircare routine, as our multi-benefit formulas cater to all curls, reduce the number of products needed – and still achieve amazing results.

To ensure that this collection delivers real results and real value to those with curls, it was developed alongside our curly-haired team members and Alterna stylists. They worked with the product development team to test and refine five new versions of the clean* and vegan formulas that My Hair. My Canvas. is known for.

Boost hydration and care for your textures and curls with our Begin Again Curl Conditioner or More Butter Masque, lengthen curls with initial use with our Loosen Up Curl Elongator, or fight frizz with our Begin Again Curl Cleanser and My Way Curl Defining Gel. All products are designed to leave your hair with amazing results.

Our innovative curls line is made with new hardworking ingredients that are gentle on very strand, like our Fair-Trade Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Kakadu Plum Extract, Moringa Seed Oil, and sustainability sourced Banana Flower, and each formula features My Hair. My Canvas’s signature sustainably sourced Vegan Botanical Caviar and Fair-Trade Coconut Oil. From the non-greasy and lightweight My Way Curl Defining Gel to the moisturising More Butter Masque, the line is full of unique textures – and free of harsh chemicals like silicones, parabens and SLS /SLES sulphates**. As with all My Hair. My Canvas products, our curls line proudly features vegan formulas and is PETA- certified cruelty-free. Each product in the Texture & Curls collection is designed to help hair look and feel healthy and strong to make it easy for anyone with curls to celebrate their style.

**Sodium Lauryl Sulfates/Sodium Laureth Sulfates

“Our Textures & Curls collection was created for women who want to care for and embrace their curls as an expression of their unique beauty. This collection gives women the power to celebrate their curls by infusing their hair with mindful ingredients that deliver healthy moisture and help define and style. The indulgent, multi-benefit formulas create a sensorial experience and transform wash days into self-care rituals.”

– Dorothee Dufour
Global Head of Marketing
Alterna Los Angeles, California


The Experience
Vegan Botanical Caviar
: sustainably sourced and is known to add intense hydration, improve moisture retention and smooth the cuticle to add bounce, shine and strength through the revitalizing power of its unique blend of hydration polysaccharides and free-radical neutralizing antioxidants.

Fair Trade Coconut Oil: known to keep the cuticle conditioned and smoothed down. Its rich texture is commonly used to help keep frizz at bay by absorbing slowly into the hair while water is evaporating out of damp strands. Our Coconut Oil is Fair Trade USA certified.

Fair Trade Cocoa Butter: traditionally used to nourish, strengthen, moisturise, and soften hair. Our Cocoa Butter is Fair Trade USA certified.

Shea Butter: is widely known as a pure, pristine natural and healthy moisturiser for softer and more beautiful hair. It’s also known to help prevent water loss and even breakage.

Kakadu Plum Extract: is known to add moisture and hydration and maintain a level of collagen and elastin that is essential for healthy, lustrous hair. It’s reputable for containing the world’s highest concentration of Vitamin C of any known plant. It’s full of antioxidants, antifungal, antiviral, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Moringa Seed Oil: is commonly used to remove pollutants and counteract free radical damage caused by pollution. It’s also known to have a high concentration of Vitamins A and C for excellent nourishing, reparative, protection, and recovery properties.

Banana Flower: sustainably and ethically sourced, it is known to improve moisture and nourish hair with it’s regenerating properties. Our partners in Mayotte recycle the male flowers that would’ve been discarded and gone to waste, while providing farmers with more income and helping the local economy.


The My Hair. My Canvas. Textures & Curls collection features a new luxe blue version of our environmentally friendly 50% post-consumer recycled packaging and includes:

My Hair. My Canvas. Begin Again Curl Cleanser 201ml £30.60
A vegan and silicone-free cleanser that gently cleanses, improves curl texture and formation, maintains curl pattern, and reduces frizz.

My Hair. My Canvas. Begin Again Curl Conditioner 201ml £30.60
A vegan and silicone-free conditioner that hydrates, and detangles and defrizzes and textures while enhancing definition and form in curls.


My Hair. My Canvas. More Butter Curl Masque 177ml £37.15

A vegan and silicone-free masque that nourishes and textures, reduces frizz, and enhances waves, curls, and coils with long-lasting bounce and shine.


My Hair. My Canvas. My Way Curl Defining Gel 148ml £27.85
A vegan and silicone-free curl defining gel that is non-greasy and non-flaking, providing a soft but flexible hold and humidity resistance for up to 72 hours.

My Hair. My Canvas. Loosen Up Curl Elongator £27.85
A vegan and silicone-free curl elongator that will lengthen curls with initial use and help maintain curl and coil pattern.

Clean Beauty
Alterna’s ongoing commitment to offer clean, sustainable products and reduce its environmental impact is reflected in its My Hair. My Canvas. collection of products, which are housed in eco-conscious 50% PCR packaging. A leading contributor to the cutting edge of clean beauty with its minimalist development philosophy to produce products that perform using high-quality essential ingredients and never unnecessary additives, Alterna is dedicated to exploring avenues that align clean beauty with clean living to further solidify the brand’s meaningful impact in haircare and beyond.

“With each new generation of products, we strive to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation through our passion for transformative haircare.” Says Dorothee “Our shared responsibility to minimise our global ecological footprint while delivering on our high standards for ground breaking haircare products remains a the forefront of every Alterna collection.”


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