Amy Komorowski for Jacob Elordi at MET Gala 2022, by American Crew®

by Hair Magazine

Amy Komorowski for Jacob Elordi at MET Gala 2022, by American Crew®

Inspiration: “For Jacob’s MET Gala look this year, I wanted the hair to look polished yet effortless, with just the right about of volume and texture.” – Amy Komorowski @akgroomer

Look Breakdown
1. I always start by prepping the hair, which creates a foundation for the rest of the styling products to build upon. I sprayed American Crew® Prep & Prime Tonic evenly throughout the entire head of hair and used my fingers to refresh the hair. It adds a light hold and texture for increased control and manageability.

2. Next, I followed up with American Crew’s new Matte Clay Spray which adds even more texture and body. I sprayed a few pumps just to the front part of the hair and used my fingers to add lift to the roots.

3. With a hairdryer on low speed, I continued to use my fingers to create lift at the roots. I continued to set and style the hair, until completely dry leaving the hair with effortless texture.

4. I styled with a mixture of American Crew® Cream Pomade first then followed up with a bit of American Crew® Matte Clay. The Cream Pomade provides moisture and conditioning benefits plus adds a bit of shine.

5. Lastly, I took a dime sized amount of American Crew® Matte Clay, rubbed it between the palms of my hands and focused on the ends of the hair for extra hold and definition.

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