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Red carpet glam is one of my favorite aspects of working with celebrity clients and styling their hair. I love creating show stopping hair styles to complete their looks and seeing them rock the red carpet. This year I worked with Maya Jama and Alex Scott to get them red carpet ready for the 2022 Black Panther premiere. Both looks were completely different to each other and both really fun to create. Here’s how I created them –

Maya Jama
Maya wore a stunning floor length red gown with an eye-catching design and a necklace that did all the talking to complete her red carpet look. With this in mind, I wanted to create a soft, sultry and understated sexy hair look for her to complement this. The overall finish of her hair was undone and effortless, which worked perfectly with her outfit to balance it out.
Firstly, I created a soft curl through Maya’s hair to give texture to the hair-up and movement to the pieces of hair that would fall to frame her face. I used the Babyliss Small Tong to create this through her hair before creating the shape of the up-do. I carefully secured this using grips and then teased pieces of hair to fall round her face and towards the back to give them effortless chic feel.
The key product for this look was the Living Proof Volume Blast to help give me height, definition and volume. I love this for red carpet looks!

Alex Scott
Alex wore an incredible, embellished jumpsuit for this red carpet. It was sleeveless and we wanted to pair this with a hair-up to ensure her collar bone popped and showed off her gorgeous decolletage. To prepare Alex’s hair, control the texture and reduce flyaways, I applied the Color Wow Dream Coat which glosses the hair beautifully and seals the cuticle to ensure it appears super sleek. I styled her hair with the Babyliss Straightening Iron. My top tip when straightening hair for an occasion like this is to ensure you don’t pass the hair through the iron too many times. This can create unwanted lines in the hair and it’s best to gloss over each piece lightly just once or twice. This was especially important for this look as we left out two significant pieces of hair at the front. To finish the look and ensure her hair glistened under the flash of the paparazzi I used the Living Proof Shine Spray. This is my top tip for finishing red carpet or special occasion hair as it gives the hair that expensive look.

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