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It used to be all about the shoes and the bag and now in 2021 it’s about the leisure wear and the hair accessory.

Exceptionally cool Swedish hair accessory brand Corinne has launched in the UK, with as their exclusive stockists.  Specialising in fashion-led hair accessories in classic colours they really make you stand out from the crowd.

Founded by Corinne Henriksen, a Swedish entrepreneur with 25 years’ experience in the hair and beauty industry, her vision was to merge fashion and hair and create a line of fashion-led hair accessories that look effortless and can elevate your look.

One of the most popular accessories are the long and short leather bendable bands.  On first look you might think how do I use this, but once you have tried it – they are very easy to use and give great results.  The short leather bendable is attached to a hair tie, first of all use the tie to create a ponytail (can be a high or a low pony, whatever you prefer) and then take the band and bend it round the ponytail. Because of the way it bends, it wraps around the ponytail really easily and works as well on fine hair as it does on thick.  Available in black, cream, camel, deep red, gold and silver, priced £35.

If you are a bit more adventurous or have very long or thick hair, try the leather long bendable. This is a long leather band which easily wraps round the ponytail giving a really luxe look.  Tie your hair in a ponytail using a hair tie (again a high or low pony, it’s up to you and works equally as well) and then wrap the long leather bendable around the hair, due to the way it wraps around the hair it stays exactly where you put it. Available in black, cream and dark red, priced £42.

Image courtesy of Mabel & Mabel UK


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