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“Therefore I am… Blonde…”

Billie Eilish has unveiled her new hair transformation to her 78.2M followers on Instagram. The singer has ditched her iconic green and black locks and entered into a new era of: RETRO HOLLYWOOD BLONDE.

Here Larry King’s Queen of Colour, Harriet Muldoon talks us through Billie’s dramatic transformation:

“Billie has had a scalp bleach to get this extreme Hollywood blonde look, it’s very 70’s retro, which I LOVE. It’s a total transformation and the best come-back colour! Just like Billie all my clients, who have all booked their first appointments back in the salon in a few weeks’ time, are saying that they want to be more experimental with their hair – they ‘want it all’ as salon restrictions are lifted! Everyone is really going for it!

Looking at transformations we foresee clients asking for, I predict warmer shades are going to take centre stage, such as honeys. Whether it is highlights, balayage or a full head, we’re finishing off with a golden gloss.

To create this look I would use Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside, Redken Shades EQ and ensure that we are treating the hair that has gone under intense bleaching with the new Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate range. This range ensures clients can ‘have it all’ without the fear of irreversible damage. Acidic Concentrate is a three step regime that has ten benefits including strengthening, colour protection and a reduction in the appearance of split ends. It’s formulated with Citric Acid, an alpha hydroxy acid within Redken’s concentrated Bonding Care Complex, that helps to protect weak bonds and improve the hair’s strength and resilience after a bleach or colour service.”

10 benefits you’ll get with Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate:

  • Up to 56% breakage reduction*
  • Helps protect from colour fade
  • Intense conditioning
  • Up to 230 degrees heat protection
  • Conditions to help protect weak bonds
  • Up to 11x Smoother**
  • Up to 78% of split ends appear reduced***
  • Tames Frizz
  • Adds Shine
  • Helps protect hair strength

*Brushing test. Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-in Treatment vs classic shampoo on bleached hair
**Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-in Treatment vs classic shampoo on bleached hair
***Visual grading with Acidic Perfecting Concentrate leave in Treatment

This is the Redken range for those who want it all like Billie!  Available from Redken salons nationwide and NOW!

We asked Harriet all about bleaching:

  • Can you explain exactly what bleaching is and how it works/what is does to the hair?

Bleaching is a chemical process where an alkaline agent removes the melanin pigment in the hair strand. If you follow the correct procedures and prep the hair before and continue after your bleach you can have healthy hair. An advantage to a ‘bleach’ is that it swells the cuticles so hair appears fuller.

  • Why does bleaching cause breakage and is that the main damage that it causes, what other signs should people look out for?

Bleaching can make the hair more porous so it can be more open to damage, such as thermal, UV rays and brushing the hair. The texture may feel brittle so you need to treat it differently. Using protein and moisture shampoos and conditioners will help to restore what has been taken out. As long as you can up with the products and are aware, you can have amazing bleached results. Remember if you hair isn’t looked after then your blonde won’t look amazing as it should do!

  • Searches for ‘how to bleach hair without damage’ are up on Google, is that even possible?

There is always some form of damaged caused when bleaching as your using alkaline agents to lift the hair, however if left to professionals there are steps that we can do to make these only minor damages and treatments to do at home to maintain strength. Like using seriously powerful products, the new Redken Acidic Concentrate range and Leave-In Treatment is a game changer for all those who colour their hair.

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