Celebrity Hairstylist Jay Birmingham’s Sofa Look for Munroe Bergdorf on Celebrity Gogglebox

by Hair Magazine

When it comes to creating breathtaking hairstyles as a celebrity hairstylist, I always know how to achieve the most beautiful and luxurious looks. I recently collaborated with the stunning Munroe Bergdorf for her appearance on Celebrity Gogglebox, and the brief was sofa chic – very appropriate for the setting! Embracing natural beauty and an undone aesthetic, I wanted to create a sofa look that perfectly complimented Munroe’s unique style.

The goal was to create a hairstyle that appeared effortless, as if Munroe had just relaxed on the sofa looking fabulous. This “natural and undone” look paired perfectly with Munroe’s personal style, as well as the relaxed atmosphere of the show.

To achieve the desired look, I began by straightening Munroe’s hair, creating a smooth and polished canvas. By placing the hair elegantly to the back, I created an elongated silhouette. To maintain the effortless aesthetic, I lightly applied a shine-enhancing serum to the hair, providing a subtle shine without spoiling the natural and undone vibe.

With Munroe’s hair straightened and seamlessly placed to the back, I achieved a sleek and polished sofa look, showing natural beauty and understated glamour. This collaboration incorporated the power of a well-executed hairstyle in enhancing overall appearance, capturing Munroe’s individual style while keeping a sense of sophistication and ease on the couch.

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