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With her new book ‘You’ve Got This’ just out, leading celebrity hair stylist Tom Smith tells us how he achieves Louise Redknapp’s lovely luscious locks.

“The secret behind Louise’s undone, softly textured hairstyle is how the cut and colour play together. The structure of Louise’s haircut is a choppy layered shape with layers flowing fluidly through the length and the amber and caramel tones are placed to show off the layers and movement of the hair.

“Louise’s natural hair has a soft wave, and the haircut is designed to enhance that. The shortest lengths sit at the face between her cheekbone and brow bone. This gives a soft, swept fringe or ‘bang’ that softens the corners of her face, creating an attractive frame on her petite features. The layers flow from this point, gradually getting longer and choppier towards the length. Louise plays with the length of her hair, sitting between the lowest part of her collarbone and armpit length. Sometimes in the summer she wears it even longer so she can play with braids in the hotter weather

“The colour placement is designed to enhance the texture and shape in the haircut so the lightest areas sit on the edges of the shortest layers around the face and some on the very longest parts. The base colour is a neutral medium brunette shade (a professional level 6). Louise’s hair naturally has a richness to it and so this shines through the base that we add which gives extra depth and helps the lighter areas to ‘pop’. We use a combination of lighter tones using a balayage technique, picking out the areas of her hair that we want to pull into the foreground, but we always make sure not to add highlights too close to the root, to make sure the colour stays looking modern and ‘lived in’. Louise normally gets her hair done regularly – about every 4 or 5 weeks, to ensure her look stays consistent and never grows out too much or looks too ‘freshly dyed’.

“Finally, Louise is famously ‘low maintenance’ when it comes to the styling of her hair. We create a detailed and careful hair design so that the day-to-day maintenance is as minimal as possible. The haircut uses her natural texture and so most of the time her look is ‘wash and wear’ with a simple rough dry using the Dyson hairdryer that I always recommend. Sometimes we gently run the Dyson straightening irons through the ends of the hair giving a straighter edge to the natural waves and for events or shows we may create soft, loose waves by bending the straightening iron in different directions. We rarely use curling tongs or round brushes for blow-drying as we like to keep the look as natural, beachy and relaxed as possible while focusing on a clever haircut shape, dimensional colour and healthy soft hair.”

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