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Katie Hale, Head Colourist at Charles Worthington says it’s good to talk….colour.

For those who are done with seeing roots then a consultation is a MUST when visiting your colourist, especially after lock-down and wanting a change.

Make a mood board and discuss colours/styles you like and then plan your hair journey!

Think maintenance, cost and lifestyle and trust your hairdresser. They will be able to guide you in what is the right change for you!

There are some great home care ranges now to keep on top of high maintenance colours at home, Violet shampoos/masks, Colour corrector creams and tinted pastel conditioners for those who choose to go bold or vivid.

Remember after lock down your colourist will need extra time for appointments as some hair will need to be treated as virgin hair which is a technique used when roots are over a certain length.

If you have been colouring it yourself, I would recommend having your colourist do a incompatibility test as some hair dyes/brands can react together which could cause damage to the hair, so always tell them exactly what is on the hair!

Image courtesy of Katie Hale @ Charles Worthington

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