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Curls need curl-centric products.  Products that are made specifically for curls, each and every type of them, to nourish and feed them, to enhance, not alter them.  So the guys and girls at evo curl did some testing and research and created a range of 5 curl-clusive products designed to empower the natural curl pattern of each and every curl type.

With wonderfully vivacious titles such as Springsclean rrp £25 – a deep clean rinse for when your hair is super dirty!   It busts your build-up dirt and excess oil without stripping away precious moisture or colour.   Its like a shampoo but not, you won’t get much of a lather and your curls will be left feeling super clean, but not dry, because dry curls aren’t useful.

Heads will roll – co-wash rrp £25 – is for those in-betweeny times, when your curls are a little rough around the edges but not quite ready for a deep clean, not dissimilar to a shampoo and conditioner in one, its designed to give you an ever so gentle clean while giving you hydrating goodness at the same time.

Baby got bounce rrp £30 is for thirsty curls.  It’s like consuming 8 glasses of water without the trips to the bathroom!  It moisturises and repairs to leave your curls feeling strong and moisturised, while supporting the natural curl pattern.

Liquid rollers rrp £21 is the ultimate curl wingman … the ever-reliable to hydrate and enhance the natural curl pattern, but not too much that it weighs it down.   It’s light – a curl balm and total recoil – curl definer – the range has it all for us curl-girls.

Finally Total recoil rrp £21 for when your hair needs a bit of extra muscle.  It will give you write-home-about-it curl definition, but without the stickiness or crunch that so often comes with anything that says ‘strong hold’.

Products available from @evohair

Imagery courtesy of evo curl

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