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So boys out there when is it time to ditch the barber and opt for a visit to a Mens hairdresser instead?   Hair caught up with Dylan Christie at the Manifesto salon in Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross.

“Barbers do magnificent jobs for specific clientele whereas If you want to take advantage of your lockdown growth and opt tor visit to a mens hairdresser you will find that your stylist will have a deeper understanding of longer length hair that requires scissor cuts. They will also work with your face shape and hair texture to create a more personal and suitable style for you.  Longer appointment times, extensive product knowledge, understanding of all hair types and attention to detail all add up to make the experience perfect for those looking for something more tailored to you.”

Dylan has got together some of the key looks his clients are currently asking for, along with a guide, as follows:

What the person should ask for? To get this style you should ask to have the sides tightly tapered with clippers, while maintaining length on the top, asking for an undercut or disconnect. Using celebrity references is a great way to get the idea across ie. Leonardo Decaprio or Brad Pitt.

What hair types it suits? Straight hair tends to work better for this style to achieve the ‘curtains’ look, however, a bit of wave can create a really nice looser look too. Curlier hair can work but may look a bit top heavy with the sides being so tight, so keeping a bit more length there may work better.

How to look after it? This haircut doesn’t need much upkeep, the tapered sides will stay tidy for a few weeks, and the top needs very little work at all as its meant to be longer. Styling can also be pretty straight forward as you only have to worry about the top, a small amount of wax/clay etc. into wet hair then let it dry naturally for a relaxed look.

What the person should ask for? You should ask for a high skin fade here. This means the hair will start at nothing and gradually blend to the longer hair on top. As for the top, ask to keep the length through the front to achieve the heavier sweeping fringe.

What hair types it suits? Skin fades work well with all hair types but is a very extreme look so be aware. A good fade will blend into the length on top so whether your hair is wavy, straight, soft or coarse, this style will work for you.

How to look after it? Although they are very short, skin fades need to be cut every few weeks to maintain the look, but result in very easy styling every day as you only need to style the top. Again a small amount of matte product into wet hair would be great, or something lighter like sea salt spray or even a texture powder.

What the person should ask for? This is a great style for those wanting something more classic and softer. You’ll need to ask for a scissor cut here, keeping an inch or two of hair on the sides and more on top. Keeping the most length in the front and removing more towards the crown will create the fuller fringe and reduce weight through the back.

What hair types it suits? Straighter hair works better for this look, as it will be more manageable and controllable when styling back.

How to look after it? A bit more styling is required here, ideally a hairdryer and some sort of styling paste. Start with your styling product into wet hair, then use the hairdryer to style the top and side back, using a brush will create more volume.

What the person should ask for? Using celebrity references for this look is ideal, it is the classic ‘Leo’ cut. Again, a full scissor cut keeping length on the back and sides then working it slightly longer towards the top (graduation). The curtains are created by maintaining length through the top especially in the fringe.

What hair types it suits? Straight and wavy hair works best here, as they will sit into the curtains naturally just by brushing the hair back and letting it fall.

How to look after it? Very little maintenance is needed as the natural and soft look will grow out really well and won’t need much upkeep. Styling is also fairly basic, a small amount of product to take away fluffiness and give a bit of hold into wet hair, then let it dry naturally.

What the person should ask for? Ask for your desired length hair with LONG layers and a long fringe to achieve this look, the stylist should be able to offer advice for the lengths that suit your face shape and hair type.

What hair types it suits? This hair style works with most hair types, straight and wavy hair will be pretty tameable, whereas curlier hair will take a bit more managing, but will look amazing! The fringe isn’t a must, but is a great way to frame your face and add another element to the look.

How to look after it? Depending how long you like your hair getting will dictate when to get it trimmed, but it is worth getting it tidied up very 8-12 weeks to avoid split ends and breakages. Product and styling wise is fairy easy too, use something to remove fluffiness and add a bit of texture, a grooming cream and sea salt spray works great. It is also worth conditioning the mid-lengths to ends once a week or so to keep the hair healthy.

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