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It is a truth universally acknowledged that good skin starts from within. Of course, serums and moisturisers do their bit, but it’s what we put inside our body that really counts. Thankfully, brand-new beauty brands like Manifesto are here to help with expertly formulated supplements that, alongside a well-rounded diet and balanced lifestyle, really do work.

Small but mighty, Manifesto’s edible beauty gummies get to work immediately to support weakened hair, skin and nails, help improve skin elasticity and texture and promote collagen production. How exactly? Ingredients!

“While in an ideal world we’d get enough beauty benefits from our diet, the fact is, you’d need to eat a very strict diet to have the same impact,” says founder Anna Marcovici. Developed by nutritionists and backed by science, here’s what’s inside:
• Astaxanthin: an antioxidant that’s 6,000x stronger than vitamin C, and is the equivalent of eating 165g of Wild Pacific Salmon per day, Astaxanthin improves skin texture and elasticity.
• Inulin: a prebiotic fiber sourced from chicory root grown in the Netherlands that feeds friendly bacteria to support a healthy gut and give good glow.
• Acai Berry extract: rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, Acai berry helps revive the look of dull, dry skin.
• Biotin: also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7, Biotin is a key building block for healthier, stronger hair, nails and skin.

What HAIR MAGAZINE loves most about these cherry flavoured gummy vitamins is that they arrive in 100% home compostable, plastic free sachets (made out of sustainably grown eucalyptus no less) that are tucked inside cute zero waste tins which are made from aluminium making them both recyclable/reusable.

Asides from plumping up skin and strengthening strands, the delicious naturally cherry-flavoured gummies also provide cell protection against oxidative damage from pollution. And, as we know, pollution can lead to dehydration and dullness.

Simply chew two Manifesto gummies daily to support the body straight away and, after three months, you’ll really see and feel the difference.

Manifesto edible beauty gummies cost £39.90 per tin

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