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Women are showing their curls more love than ever. With over 15 billion views for the hashtag #CurlyHair on TikTok, millennials and Gen Z are taking to social media to share how to master their curls – and their #CurlyHairTips. Yet at the same time, women say that they struggle to care for their curls2, main concerns being unmanageable and unpredictable curls. Often due to hair rubbing on the pillow overnight, curls lose their structure.

The solution? Introducing L’Oréal Paris’ new Elvive Dream Lengths Non-Stop Dreamy Curls Leave-In Cream RRP £7.99 and All-Over Moisture 3-in-1 Curls Hydration Mask RRP £14.99 , two innovative products ideal for delivering long-lasting moisture and defined curls, from wavy to curly to afro hair types.

Understanding Different Curl Types
The secret to revealing each curl type at its best? Getting educated on the different curl and hair textures to create a hair care routine that’s truly tailored. The term “curly hair” simply refers to hair strands that have shape. To then understand each hair type’s unique curl pattern, the hair should be assessed in its natural condition, straight after being washed. It’s then, when the hair is free of dirt, oil, and product build-up, that its true curl pattern shines. The curl scale established by L’Oréal Research3 comprises eight categories from the straightest (type I) to the curliest (type VIII) hair.

The curlier the hair, the more prone it is to dryness. Curly hair is also finer and more fragile than straight hair. This means curls require a more intense infusion of moisture to protect them.

The Dream Solution for Defined Curls
Enriched with Glycerin and Castor Oil, Elvive Dream Lengths Curls’ new breakthrough innovations – Non-Stop Dreamy Curls Leave-In Cream RRP £7.99 and All-Over Moisture 3-in-1 Curls Hydration Mask RRP £14.99 – infuse curls with moisture while achieving boldly defined curls, a result that lasts for up to 3 days.

Dream Lengths Curls Non-Stop Dreamy Curls Leave-In Cream

RRP £7.99
Have curls stay intact whilst you get your beauty sleep with L’Oréal Paris’ innovative Pillow Proof technology. The Leave-in Cream has been designed to protect the beauty of curls overnight and make them easier to revive in the morning. The science behind this technology? A polymer duo that deposits a film on curls, giving them hold and definition. Added to this, the cream’s optimal dosage of moisturising agents wraps and protects the hair fibre. With its enveloping, silky-smooth texture, the cream can be used on wet or dry hair. Overnight, the patented formula acts to “pillow proof” curls. This is thanks to the film created by the polymer duo, which allows the curls to resist being misshapen. The coating absorbs rubbing during the night – just as a silk pillowcase would – without transferring onto the pillow. Curls maintain their shape, without the hair having to be re-washed. And during the day, the cream creates curl definition and frizz control, leaving hair soft and hydrated.

Sculpted curls that last from day to night – with no surprises.
Curls are Defined for 72HRS
Frizz is Reduced by 80%

Elvive Dream Lengths Curls All-Over Moisture 3-in-1 Hydration Mask

RRP £14.99
Elvive Dream Lengths Curls All-Over Moisture 3-in-1 Curls Hydration Mask is a multi-tasking solution to hydrate curls from roots to ends. It is formulated with high levels of nourishing lipids, caring agents, and Glycerin, which act together to create curls that are hydrated and defined. Used as a co-wash to cleanse and condition the hair, or as a leave-in or rinse out conditioner, curls are 7x softer and 80% less frizzy – a result that lasts for 72HRs too.

The Ultimate Formula for Moisturised, Defined Curls

A duo of star moisturising ingredients – Glycerin and Castor Oil – deliver the ultimate care for curly hair in the new Elvive Dream Lengths Curls collection.
Ideal for hair types spanning wavy to curly to afro, the Dream Lengths Curls products are the dream solution to curly hair that can look heavy, puffy, unruly, or tangled.

Glycerin is a plant-based ingredient that deeply hydrates and moisturises the hair from roots to ends, protecting the hair from breakage, while creating defined curls, without ever feeling greasy or heavy.

Castor Oil is renowned for its nourishing properties, as it locks in moisture, to create defined, sculpted, and bouncy curls, alongside protecting them from the fizziness caused by humidity.

The Dream Routine for Defined Curls that Last for 3 Days
Achieving dreamy, defined, and bouncy curls is simpler than ever. For best results, combine the Elvive Dream Lengths Curls Non-Stop Dreamy Curls Leave-In Cream and Elvive Dream Lengths Curls All-Over Moisture 3-in-1 Curls Hydration Mask, to create a hair care routine for beautifully defined curls that last for up to 3 days.

“What every type of curly hair needs is nourishment and moisture to keep curls’ definition, their softness to the touch, and full radiance. Indeed, curly hair lacks protective sebum on its surface, and its curled shape prevents sebum from reaching curls’ lengths. The Dream Lengths Curls formulas are infused with an optimal balance of nourishing and hydrating agents that “coat” the hair fibres surface – as in an invisible wrap, protecting while boosting softness and shine. To achieve silky smooth, bouncy curls that last, our laboratories have selected a polymer duo technology that coats the outer hair fibre, controls frizz without weighing them down. As each unique curly and coily hair texture requires a different level of care, the hair care journey can be adapted with different products. Our Leave-In Cream’s star formula “pillow proofs” each curl with a single use in the morning and/or at night. So light and high-performing, it also can be used several times a day, for a deeper treatment that keeps your curls beautiful.”
Elisabeth Bouhadana
L’Oréal Paris Global Scientific Director

The Results: Curls with Lasting Definition, Softness, and Bounce
Women with wavy and curly hair agree that the Dream Lengths Curls products elevate their curls’ appearance.
When using the Elvive Dream Lengths Curls Non-Stop Dreamy Curls Leave-In Cream:

93% of women said the cream leaves their hair smooth and soft to the touch,
91% agree that the cream makes their curls look defined.
88% report that the cream does not transfer or leave residue on the pillow overnight.

And when using the Elvive Dream Lengths Curls All-Over Moisture 3-in-1 Curls Hydration Mask:

97% of women agree the mask leaves hair super shiny.
94% confirm that the mask protects brittle hair.
97% find that the mask controls frizz.

Elvive’s Sustainable Commitments
Protecting the planet is at the heart of L’Oréal Paris’ mission. The Elvive Dream Lengths Curls Non-Stop Dreamy Curls Leave-in Cream bottle and the Elvive Dream Lengths Curls All-Over Moisture 3-in-1 Curls Hydration Mask jar are both made from 100% recycled plastic (excluding the caps – we are still working on this but they remain recyclable). Dream Lengths Curls products are produced in a carbon neutral factory.

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