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There’s a whole plethora of hair extensions on the market and choosing the right one for you can be a minefield – so HAIR magazine has got together with Hair Extensionist Jasmine Hunsley to explain the most popular.

“Obviously, the consultation with your chosen hair extensionist will determine the right application for you”, says Jasmine.


Best for: all types of hair

Last for: up to eight weeks

Why choose them: The wefts are glued flat with tape close to the root area and are less noticeable than other extension types.   It’s ideal if you want to tie your hair up as the tapes don’t pull on your natural hair.  The hair itself can last up to 12-18 months if cared for and the tapes need regluing and replacing every eight weeks.


Best for: thin-to-medium hair

Last for: up to three months

Why choose them:  Simply, they blend seamlessly and don’t pull on your natural hair.  So, if you’re looking for a natural look these are for you!   Small sections of hair are pulled through a ring which is then clamped shut to hold the extensions.  No special products are needed, it’s just the rings that need replacing as hair grows out.


Best for: immediate, commitment phobes

Lasts for: until you unclip them!

Why choose them:  Some days we want long hair, the next we can’t be bothered with the faff.  If you want something low maintenance and easy to style, the clip in extension is for you.   It literally clips into your natural hair in a few minutes – and takes even less time to remove.  They are available in synthetic or human hair and in a variety of lengths, colours and textures.   Easy and quick when you need a new look in an instant!


Best for: medium-to-thick hair

Lasts for: 8-12 weeks

Why choose them:  If you want thickness without glue, then the weave is the perfect method for you.  A row of bonds are applied which the hair is then sewn on to.


Best for: those who like some extra security

Lasts for: three months

Why choose them:  If you like your gadgets and want to see evidence of extensions being applied, these are for you.  Not ideal for those of us with fine hair, but the bonds are pretty sturdy and only need changing every 3-4 months.

If you would like more information check out Jasmine Hunsley jasminehunsleyhair.com  or follow @jasminehunsleyhair

Images courtesy of Jasmine Huntley

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