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Working at fashion week is something many hair stylists dream of and wish to achieve in their career. I am lucky enough to have worked backstage at fashion week on a few occasions and this year I travelled to Milan, London and Paris. While it is of course an honour to work at events like this, it does require hard work and lots of organisation and focus.
My schedule this year at fashion week in Milan included – Jamilla Strand for the Versace show, Amalie Gasman for Please, Chiara Sampaio for Dolce & Gabanna and Munroe Bergdorf for GCDS and I also assisted Andrew Fitzsimmons for Dolce & Gabanna. Whilst it may seem super glamorous to travel to Milan for fashion week, as a hairstylist you are required to travel quickly from one location to the next. Often the girls are headed to the same show so you need to get from one to the next quickly and ensure you give all clients the same care and attention.

In London I worked with Maya Jama for the Burberry show and Munroe Bergdorf for the Richard Quinn show. The advantage of working at LFW is of course there’s no travel required so I can easily bring my entire kit with me. London Fashion Week is definitely a great opportunity for your first time working at fashion week. Make yourself a valuable assistant to other stylists who already work there, put yourself out there and don’t be shy.

Lastly this year, I attended Paris Fashion Week in October too. It’s a lot of travelling, a lot of hard work and long days and sometimes you do have to work unpaid especially when you are starting out but it’s always worth it.
I believe you need to put yourself out there and always say yes when you can to opportunities that come up. Make sure you are always professional and polite and you will smash your goals.

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