Find out how to achieve Margot’s Met Gala look

With Jonathan Andrew, Fudge Professional Global Ambassador

by Hair Magazine

Whether you’ve upped your vits, added some extra length and volume with the help of extensions – there’s no denying long and luxurious hair is seeing rapid growth (see what we did there?) from the red carpet to the salon.

Margot Robbie at the Met was a classic example of long and luxe glamourous blow-out, nodding towards a high-styled aesthetic we hope to see more of this year. It oozes class, makes a bold statement, and epitomizes glamour.

Jonathan Andrew, Fudge Professional Global Ambassador says: ‘I love long hair styles, and especially a classic blow-out which can transcend most up do’s by nodding towards 50’s glamour yet sashaying straight through to 90’s supermodel classic style. It’s one of my favourite styles to recreate, as I enjoy taking someone from lacklustre to ultra luxe. I love the versatility of long locks, and many of us who opted for lower maintenance shorter styles over the past few years may be craving the opportunity to play with their styling more.

Achieving the perfect at-home blow-dry, the finish is always everything. It must be dried from start to end. If the hair is too damp, you’ll lose volume and if your hair is naturally wavy and isn’t fully dry, then when you step outside the air will shrink your hair back into waves or frizz.

To get the ultimate blow-dry, I recommend a couple of products to get you started.
Always prep the hair with a heat protector, no matter what. My favourite is the Fudge Professional Blow-Dry Aqua Primer (£15.50) as it includes hydrating hyaluronic acid combined with WEATHER-SHIELD™ technology to create a virtual umbrella for the hair, delivering all day humidity resistance and frizz control, improved softness, smoothness, and visible shine – a must for a luxurious blow-out.

Your tools are vital for the perfect blow-dry. You need a powerful hairdryer and one you are comfortable using, always ensure you have a range of brushes including bristle brushes to get the ‘lift’ for a big blow-out.

I can’t stress about heat protection enough! Don’t hold the drier too close to your hair – you wouldn’t do it with your skin you’d instantly dry it out and cause damage, so it should be the same theory with your hair. And I would always say to have fun and play with a blow-dry, you can always wash or style it out again – practise makes perfect! ‘


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