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There’s a new arrival to the hairbrush scene with the launch of Kent Create. Designed by Royal Warrant holder Kent Brushes, the distinct collection makes salon professional styles achievable from the comfort of your own home.

Featuring a colourful range of nylon-quilled hairbrushes, Kent have created a collection of 9 beauty multitaskers that are designed to be your new go-to tool, ensuring you achieve salon-fresh styles while protecting each strand.

Drawing on nearly 250 years of brush making experience, Kent have created a perfect match for every hair type, length, and style with their new range of round, vented and paddle brush designs, all of which are colour coded for easy identification.


Kent’s NEW Create Range

Kent Create Vented Hairbrush (KCR1) £9
Achieve salon-worthy results with the Kent Create vented hairbrush. Ideal for creating root lift and volume on short to medium length hair, this brush contains flexible non-scratch ball-tipped nylon quills, to gently glide through knots for effortless detangling.



Kent Create Cushion Vented Paddle Brush (KCR2) £9
The Kent Create KCR2 cushion vented paddle brush is ideal for styling short to medium length hair. With its soft-touch handle for complete control, this brush creates effortless root lift and volume, leaving your hair smooth, soft and tangle-free.




Kent Create Tunnel Vented Hairbrush (KCR3) £9
With its innovative vented design, the Kent Create KCR3 tunnel vented hairbrush is perfect for the time conscious as it maximises airflow to minimise blow-drying time. Ideal for styling short to medium length hair, the KCR3 gently glides through strands, resulting in damage-free and detangled hair.




Kent Create Small Cushion Bristle Nylon Mix Brush (KCR4) £10
Create smooth and sleek styles with the Kent Create small cushion bristle nylon brush, perfect for styling short to long length hair. Thanks to its non-scratch nylon quills and pure bristle mix, your hair will feel naturally polished, with a healthy shine.





Kent Create Fine Quill Paddle Brush (KCR5) £10
The Kent Create fine quill paddle brush KCR5 creates smooth, soft, and tangle-free hair. With its soft-touch handle, the brush allows controlled styling while being gently on the scalp thanks to its air-cushioned head.




Kent Create 20mm Ball-Tipped Nylon Quill Round Brush (KCR6) £9
For soft and voluminous styles, the Kent Create KCR6 round brush is perfect for recreating a bouncy salon blow-dry. It’s non-scratch ball-tipped nylon-quills create effortless root lift and volume to short styles – and it’s perfect for fringes too!





Kent Create 20mm Ceramic Round Brush (KCR7) £10
Ideal for creating curls, adding volume and root lift, the Kent Create 20mm Ceramic Round Brush (KCR7) will leave hair soft, shiny, and full of volume. Ideal for short to medium length hair as well as fringes, it includes a soft-touch handle for complete controlled styling.




Kent Create 30mm Ceramic Round Brush (KCR8) £11
Perfect for longer lengths, the Kent Create 30mm Ceramic Round Brush (KCR8) contains a heat-retaining ceramic head for easy styling – ideal for creating smooth and sleek styles as well as bouncy curls.



Kent Create 50mm Ceramic Round Brush (KCR9) £12
The Kent Create 50mm Ceramic Round Brush (KCR9) is ideal for styling medium to long hair while adding instant volume and lift thanks to its heat-retaining ceramic head.


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