Five Questions You Should Ask Your Hairdresser

by Hair Magazine

We all love the feeling of stepping out of the salon with bouncy, freshly-coiffed hair, and while you’re with your hairdresser it’s the perfect opportunity to discover how to get the best from your hair. They are, after all, the hair experts!

Marcello Moccia, three-times North Western Hairdresser of the Year and owner of Room 97 Creative in Wakefield and Leeds, shares some top hair hacks for maintaining that ‘just-left- the-salon’ style.“As a professional hairdresser, a big part of my job is making sure clients know how to look after their hair once they’ve left the salon. When you visit your hairdresser, don’t be shy about asking for advice — that’s what we’re there for! Here are five questions I often get asked along with the advice I give.”

How do I maintain my colour?
First of all, the best way to ensure your hair colour looks great, and stays looking fabulous for longer, is to visit a professional hairdresser. This way you can be confident your hair is being treated to a high-quality product, mixed and applied by an expert. When it comes to maintaining your colour, make sure you have the right haircare products at home. There are plenty of specialist shampoos and conditioners designed to keep colour looking fresh for longer — just ask your hairdresser for recommendations as we only use produtcs we believe in. Avoid over-using heated tools, as these can lead to premature colour fade, and opt for cool water when washing your hair.

How do I work with my natural curls?
Once upon a time, it was all about smoothing texture out of hair, but increasingly clients with naturally curly hair are ditching the straighteners and embracing their curls and coils. Ideally, leave curly hair to dry naturally, just using your fingers to style it. Alternatively, use a hairdryer with a diffuser for a frizz-free curl – and try not to touch the hair while you’re styling! Also, opt for lightweight creams over heavier styling products that can weigh down the curls. The Curl Manifesto range from Kerastase is great for holding and defining curls and coils.

How do I keep my hair looking healthy?
To maintain a healthy lustre in your hair, avoid over-use of heated styling tools and when you do use them, always apply a heat-protection product first. One of the main causes of lacklustre locks is low moisture levels, so make sure you treat your hair to a weekly pampering session with a hydrating hair mask. And when you just need a quick fix, you can always add a spritz of shine spray like the TECNI.ART Ring Light Spray from L’Oreal Professional.

How often should I wash my hair?
There are so many opinions on this, and to an extent, it comes down to the individual. If you use a lot of styling products in your hair, you’ll likely need to wash it every day. This won’t harm your hair or strip it of natural oils. In fact, regular washing is a great way to ensure the hair’s natural oils are more evenly distributed through the hair, rather than collecting close to the scalp. In general, I would advise washing and conditioning your hair at least three times a week to keep it and your scalp free of dirt and skin flakes. If your hair is coloured, always use a colour-enhancing shampoo like the L’Oreal Professional Vitamino Color range.

How do I protect my hair in the sun?
With the holiday season nearly upon us, don’t forget to show your hair the same love as your skin when you’re out in the sun. Reach for styling products that offer UV protection and apply moisturising mask treatments at least once a month. Leave-in conditioners and oils are also an effective way of keeping hair looking healthy in the heat while nourishing and moisturising your tresses. And the best protection is pop on a sunhat or incorporate a silk scarf into your hairstyle.





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