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What’s done is UNDONE

From Alexa Chung’s curtain bangs to Megan Markle’s effortless evening hair at her royal wedding, George Northwood reigns as the king of cool, undone hair!  His signature ‘undone’ look is coveted by his roster of celebrity fans and now, with the launch of his UNDONE hair range, we can all get our hands on a little sprinkling of the George Northwood stardust.

UNDONE  is born out of George’s  unrivalled instinct for what women need from a product range but also, what women want for their hair. You want natural looking hair but rather than looking like you’ve just walked out of a salon, you want to look like you’ve just stepped off an editorial shoot.

As George explains, “The range is called Undone, because this reflects my signature style, but I also wanted to “undo” the maze of hair. Over the years I have tried every hair product on the market. I was committed to ensuring that my range is formulated with the very best quality ingredients and I have worked hard to ensure my formulations are efficacious and able to challenge the very best products that are currently on the market.”

The 20-strong range is available at Boots and direct on the George Northwood website and comes with George’s commitment to sustainability, the full range is made from vegan formulations, no sulphates and packaging which can be recycled – all of it.

“I wanted to bring the UNDONE ethos to everyone across the UK and that’s why we have partnered with Boots to launch – I always wanted the price point to be accessible: the range starts at £12.00,” he adds.

You will find the UNDONE easy to navigate, with straightforward advice, no confusing jargon and guidance for specific hair concerns: UNDIRTY for your everyday cleanse, UNPARCHED is dry hair’s best friend, UNDAMAGED will restore and repair damage and UNPOLLUTED will strip hair of unwanted build up and protect against pollution. Your hair life made easy…



Use UNDIRTY Shampoo and Conditioner as your everyday cleanse. George says it’s your one stop shop to great hair. Fermented minerals and betaine derived from sugar beet work to help give hair a daily dose of shine, strength, anti-frizz and hydration. It does it all.

UNDIRTY Shampoo, from £12 and UNDIRTY Conditioner, from £12.  Available in 250ml and 500ml



UNPARCHED is dry hair’s best friend. George says your hair needs a moisturiser too, so thirsty hair will drink all of this goodness up. Formulated with a Kale Protein blend, UNPARCHED helps to trap in moisture and lock in hydration so hair looks healthy, hydrated and glossy.

UNPARCHED Shampoo and UNPARCHED Conditioner, from £12.  Available in 250ml and 500ml



If your hair is suffering after colour or excessive heat styling, George says UNDAMAGED is your daily hair revivor. Formulated with a nourishing vegetable protein complex, UNDAMAGED helps to reduce breakage and increase overall hair strength, while Creatine helps to repair any damaged bonds. Your hair will be restored in no time.

UNDAMAGED Shampoo and UNDAMAGED Conditioner, from £12.Available in 250ml and 500ml



UNPOLLUTED is your weekly squeaky clean, because George says your hair needs a detox too! UNPOLLUTED is a weekly use detox shampoo which helps to gently strip out all of the build-up and leaves you with a clean slate. It also creates a protective film on the hair surface that helps to act as a barrier against atmospheric and UV pollution.

UNPOLLUTED Shampoo, from £12 Available in 250ml and 500ml


Does your blow dry fall out in a matter of minutes? George says look no further. The Wave Holding Spray helps to lock in those undone, loose waves so they stay in place throughout the day, while offering heat protection for styling and de-frizzes hair for a silky-smooth finish.


If you suffer with limp, flat hair, George says the Volume Spray will become your best friend. It helps to add volume and texture to the hair before styling, without adding frizz.


George says this Moisturising Cream gives your locks that day old hair feeling, which is the perfect canvas for styling. Beetroot complex helps to increase hair volume, reduces frizz, and makes hair easier to brush meaning less breakage.

The George Northwood Holy Grail of styling will be coming to you soon with a series of YouTube how-to tutorials – HAIR will keep you posted.


UNDONE by George Northwood is available to purchase exclusively at Boots and

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