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Ask your colourist about the new ring lighting hair colour trend. Here Dylan Brittain, International Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International gives us the glow down…

Have you seen the new ring lighting hair colour trend that has become popular recently? At this time of year we don’t have as much natural sunlight and this technique is a great way to replicate this and give hair a gorgeous glow, adding warmth and brightening the complexion, something we could all do with right now.

This new highlighting technique should be created freehand by your hairstylist and by following a halo like shape where colour is applied around the face to lighten and brighten areas, framing the face and allowing features including your eyes to really pop. It can also be placed more subtly at the sides of the head and towards the back and nape of the neck for a natural finish and with an emphasis on allowing the colour to stand out and further brighten the face when tied up. The key is ensuring that the highlights are heavily focused around the face, giving it a sun kissed glow.

This hair colour is particularly great for the lifestyle we are all living at the moment where in the current pandemic we are experiencing a lot of Facetime and Zoom calls. Whether you like to wear your hair down or up in a bun or a ponytail, this colour really stands out and makes an impact.

Although this works great on brunettes and blondes, this hair colour technique can also be incorporated into copper hair colour, as well as bright hair colour shades and pastel hair colour shades to create even more of a stand out look and to give the colour a trendy update.

When it comes to maintenance with this style, it does require an upkeep as roots can look a lot more obvious on the lighter areas around the face and with this trend you will need to be back in the salon every 1-2 months to keep your colour looking its best. In between colour appointments you should use regular hair conditioning masks to keep the lighter pieces of the hair as strong and healthy as possible and colour sealed in.

What is so fabulous about our team of experts is that they are all approachable!    Dylan works with the Rainbow Room International group of salons in Scotland.   Check out their website on www.rainbowroominternational    Follow them on Instagram rainbowroominternational

Image courtesy of  Eilidh @eilidhmack_hair

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