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“Natural hair needs an oil – lots of it,”  says Errol Douglas MBE.     “Oils should be part of your everyday natural routine.  Oils play a key role in maintaining and ensuring that your natural hair stays healthy.  Oils can be used to moisturise your hair or seal in already existing moisture, this is solely dependent on the type of oil.   For oils that absorb into the hair shaft and hydrate the hair as well, you should invest in the use of coconut oil, olive oil or avocado oil.   These oils are best applied after the use of leave-in conditioner and for tighter textures, so as to add necessary moisture to your hair.”

Charlotte Mensah of The Hair Lounge adds:  “When the scalp doesn’t produce enough sebum on the hair shaft, hair oils can be used to supplement this deficiency.   Natural hair oils are usually derived from plants and flowers and are used to lubricate, stimulate and keep moisture in the scalp.   Many are rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and proteins.   My advice when it comes to hair oils is to experiment, concoct your own mixtures and see how your hair responds – all heads of hair are different, and what works for one person will not work for all.   Some people may decide to opt for products created in a laboratory, rather than play around with natural ingredients.”

Good Hair  by Charlotte Mensah has become HAIR’S new bible when it comes to an essential guide to afro, textured and curly hair.   In it she recommends some oils to try and the benefits of them:

Argan Oil

Great for combating frizziness and adding a lustrous shine.

Coconut Oil

Helps to penetrate the hair shaft instead of simply sealing in the moisture.

Avocado Oil

Makes the hair feel soft and smooth and is a great ‘protector’.

Black Jamaican caster oil

This is rich and syrupy in texture and can potentially regrow the hair, especially thin or damaged edges.

Extra virgin olive oil

Excellent for dry, itchy scalps and for conditioning the hair as it works wonders for penetrating the hair shaft.

Jojoba oil

Helps to stimulate the scalp to create more sebum and is excellent for dry scalps.

Almond oil

Lightweight, sweet smelling sealant. Great to use as a finisher after styling hair in a mist or sheen spray form.

Errol Douglas London  @erroldouglasldn

Charlotte Mensah   @charlottemensah

Good Hair by Charlotte Mensah published by Penguin £14.99

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