Get Rochelle Cannes Glam look from Day to Night with Jay Birmingham

by Hair Magazine

Celebrity hairdresser Jay Birmingham tells us exactly how he created these iconic looks –

To create this super sleek bun for Rochelle, I started with using my L’Oreal Mousse to give her hair definition and grip. I also applied L’Oreal Heat Protect Spray and Heat Oil on her hair whilst damp.

I blow dried her hair nice and straight using my ghd Helios Dryer which is amazing for reducing frizz and flyaways.

Once her hair was dry I used my Babyliss Pro Tong to create a loose curl through the ends of her hair before pinning her curls to ensure hold and longevity.

Now her hair was ready to be styled into the bun. The base of this look was a low ponytail that I secured at the nape of her neck using a bungee hair tie, making sure to leave her fringe pieces loose. I tied the length of her ponytail around the bun to create a knot shape before securing with grips and finishing with L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray.

Perfect for an evening at Cannes Film Festival!

For Rochelle’s Cannes by night style we wanted something a little softer and more sultry.


Using a similar process that I used for her previous style, I created a ponytail towards the crown of her head for this look.

I wrapped hair round before securing with grips and my L’Oreal Elnett spray again. I tonged Rochelle’s fringe away from her face and tucked behind her ears for a softer, more relaxed vibe.

Relaxed, off duty model vibe!

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