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Meet your new hair best friend, Roots Professional. This new brand has everything you need to keep your scalp, and your hair, in the most impeccable condition – because healthy hair growth starts at the roots.

Co-founded by Brian Hendricks, Roots Professional is powered by renewable, plant-friendly energy, not tested on animals, cruelty free, earth friendly, sulphate free and vegan. Roots Professional is all about preserving hair density – whether you want to maintain the healthiest head of hair or if you are suffering from hair loss – there’s a product to suit you. Suitable for both men and women as Roots Professional’s philosophy is to not only reverse hair loss and damage but to prevent it happening in the first place. It’s your go to tool to maintain healthy radiant hair or when hair growth slows, becomes damaged, thinning or starts falling out.

Our hair is at its healthiest and most lustrous when we are in our late teens and early 20s and that’s the time we really need to start looking after our hair. We all have a skin routine (cleanse, tone, moisturise), so why not have a hair routine that transforms your hair and keeps it healthy and radiant? Not only should we be cleansing and moisturising, but also stimulating our scalp for healthy hair growth. If like many of us you are a little older, don’t worry, Roots Professional is a brand for all ages and believes it’s never too late to start your daily hair care routine.
In our post covid world where anxiety and stress can cause hair loss or increased hair shedding, or as we age and hit menopause, we lose collagen and our hair become thinner, with a tendency to look dry, dull, brittle, and de-moisturised and that’s where Roots Professional comes in.
In addition to those mentioned there are many other factors that cause thinning, shedding or hair loss including illness, cancer treatment, weight loss, hair extensions, pregnancy and Iron deficiency and integrating Roots Professional into your daily routine is quick, easy and provides visible results in a short time.

Roots Professional UK Educator Krysia West, a qualified Trichologist, has used the products on her hair has noticed a tremendous difference. “New hairs are coming in around my hairline, my hair feels stronger and more voluminous, I can’t wait to see what happens over the next month or so,” adds Krysia.

Inanch Emir, owner of Inanch London salon and Roots Professional UK Ambassador, is an expert when dealing with hair loss and treating and maintaining the hair on our heads. An expert extensionist who works with clients from all walks of life and has transformed the hair of many celebrities for red carpet events or photoshoots believes that “you should look after the hair you currently have and I always recommend Roots Professional.“
Which Roots Professional product should you choose? The Roots Professional portfolio is split into four categories – shampoos. conditioners, treatments and topicals. Roots Professional shampoos are designed to gently cleanse the hair, conditioner’s to nourish. Blast is Roots Professional’s treatment which as the name suggests packs a powerful punch and the five Topicals which are designed to be sprayed on the scalp several times a day to stimulate the scalp and provoke new hair growth.

Shampoo & Conditioner:
Imperium Stimulating Shampoo & Conditioner – For any type of hair loss. For thicker, healthier hair that grows faster.

Imperium Stimulating CBD Shampoo & Conditioner – Created with a blend of 16 key active ingredient to help reduce hair loss due to breakage, this is the ultimate duo to support a healthy looking scalp and to revitalise the overall appearance of your hair.

Blast Scalp & Hair Prep – the perfect pre-treatment shampoo that removes build up, prevents and reverses dandruff, irritation, scalp itch and rebalances hormonal content in scalp to name a few benefits!

Topicals (all liquid based aside from Founders Formula):
Power Up Topical Therapy – Can be used with competitor products to “Power Up.” To get healthier, thicker hair.
De-Stress Topical Therapy – For stress related hair loss, chemically damaged hair, menopausal hair loss and ant-aging.

Care Topical Therapy – For post chemo, post pregnancy or other hair loss due to medical reasons.
Power Extensions Topical Therapy – For hair loss due to extensions. To prolong the life of extensions. To supercharge long hair.
Founders Formula Topical Therapy – To grow eyebrows and treat spots. For the most serious types of hair loss. A lotion formula and the strongest of all topicals.

Invest in better hair for the future. Try one product – you’ll see the difference.

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