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With a belief that true hair health starts in the salon, K18’s molecular repair PRO service champions efficacy, simplicity, and speed for hair stylists globally. Now K18 has set its sights on disrupting the shampoo vertical with its peptide-powered, science-focused formulas, available from salons nationwide.
Echoing its ethos of less is more, the next innovation is centred around the importance of a clean canvas. Engineered to create the cleanest base for healthy hair, the new PEPTIDE PREP™ category debuts with two minimal and effective formulas: the pH maintenance shampoo formulated for frequent, everyday washing + the detox for a less frequent, heavy-duty clean. The detox shampoo is also a first-of-its-kind formulation, tackling 99% of product buildup after just one wash. They have been created to complement the extraordinary Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask.
“Hair happiness starts with the cleanest hair possible. With a clean base, hair colour applies more vibrantly, K18 treatments perform more effectively, and styling products work better. The world didn’t need another shampoo, but it did need some that cleaned effectively with less. These are the only shampoos engineered to make the K18 molecular repair work better.” – K18 CEO Suveen Sahib.

The Science
Both formulas hone in on the brand’s mission of a less-is-more approach to formulation, employing only 17 ingredients + their patented peptide for an effective clean. Compared to the average shampoo ingredient list, which sits at around 40 ingredients, these formulas are clean sans fillers for an optimal hair and scalp environment. Both are also microdosed with the K18PEPTIDE™ that fuels their molecular repair. In the shampoo, this biotech-powered peptide works as a protective shield to reduce protein loss that can occur during washing to keep hair feeling soft, strong, healthy, and clean.

The pH maintenance shampoo, engineered for frequent or daily washing, is a colour-safe shampoo microdose with the patented K18PEPTIDE™ that thoroughly cleanses hair and scalp without stripping or drying to keep hair feeling healthy and clean, and prevent damage. Effective yet safe plant-based surfactants break down and remove dirt + oil to thoroughly cleanse hair and scalp without stripping, while the optimised pH range of 4.5-5.5 helps maintain colour, minimises swelling of the cuticle during washing, and protects hair’s natural moisture levels for a smooth hair result. The pH maintenance shampoo is one of the first in the world to receive Microbiome-friendly certification, scientifically proven to respect the body’s microbial diversity and balance.

The detox shampoo, engineered for less-frequent heavy-duty washing, is colour-safe clarifying shampoo with skincare-inspired ingredients + microdose with the patented K18PEPTIDE™ to nourish hair while removing buildup for a clean, healthy hair canvas. A gentle, non-stripping lather, powered by activated charcoal + salicylic, works to unclog hair follicles while banishing dirt, oils, metals, and things left behind from heavy product buildup, including 99% of product buildup, 95% of sebum + 76% copper reduction after just 1 wash. This formula also combats another type of buildup, cleansing effectively in hard water to tackle common metals like Nickel, Cadmium, Lead, Zinc, and Iron to deliver a deeper cleanse without being harsh on the hair and scalp.

This clear path created by both PEPTIDE PREP™ formulas preps hair for maximum K18 Molecular Repair Leave-in Treatment results, powering stylists and clients in the salon and at home with their healthiest hair.
K18 plans to unveil more large-scale social and consumer initiatives, educating on the science behind hair, and bringing additional innovative, results-driven products to the market this year. Instagram: @K18hair_uk Facebook: @K18hairuk #k18results

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