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With every major perfume house grabbing a piece of the sweet-smelling action that is hair perfume, if you’re like us you may be thinking ‘why can’t I just spritz my favourite perfume on my hair?’  You can but spraying traditional perfume on your hair can seriously dry out your locks because of the alcohol in the formulas.

Hair perfumes have been specifically designed for scenting those strands while helping to care for your hair, being free from any drying ingredients.

Our HAIR BAND reviewers this month both have a ‘nose for aromas’ in what they do day to day, so we thought they were perfect to put to work testing hair fragrances from hair & beauty brands rather than perfume houses, to see what industry names hold in their arsenal of sweet smelling, caring products…

Mandy Simmonds

Mandy formed an online presence in 2017 to bring her love for cooking alive; having figured out the perfect balance between decadent dishes and minimal fuss, she took to Instagram to share her knowledge and inspire others.  Mandy is passionate about using nourishing ingredients to create fuss-free food to be shared around the dining table, whatever the occasion.

Instagram @simplyfoodbymandy
Facebook @simplyfoodbymandy

Authentic Beauty Concept – Eau de Toilette
RRP: £50.00 (50ml).  Available at mewiesandcoshop.co.uk
Exotic and expensive smelling, reminiscent of far flung holidays. Rich indulgent and in a simple handbag friendly bottle. Beautifully light on my hair.  5/5

Balmain Paris
RRP: £90.50 (100ml).  https://www.balmainhair.co.uk/en/hair-perfume-100-ml.html
Fresh and lively with herby, green, cool notes. Packaged in the most stunning bottle. Would make a lovely gift. Light on my hair. 4.5/5

KAYALI Déjà Vu White Flower Hair Mist
RRP: £34.00 (75ml).  Available at ShopHudaBeauty and Retailers in-store and online.
Clean, herby and savoury green. This one had the best spray distribution, but was a little heavy and sticky on my fine hair. 4/5 

Neal & Wolf – Aura Hair & Body Fragrance
RRP: 22.75 (50ml).  Aura Hair & Body Fragrance
Strong and musky with a little sharpness. Light on my fine hair, with a good spray action. 2/5

SACHAJUAN Protective Hair Perfume
RRP: £45.00 (100ml) Stockist: Cult Beauty, net-a-porter
Clean fresh and subtle and good all-rounder. Perfect for daytime use. Beautifully light on my hair. 3.5/5

Melanie Giles

Melanie is the owner of Melanie Giles Hairdressing, Aveda Exclusive Salons in Bath, Frome and Bradford-on-Avon.  She is also a keen florist and gardener.
Instagram @melaniegiles

Authentic Beauty Concept – Eau de Toilette
RRP £50.00 (50ml).  Available at mewiesandcoshop.co.uk
Love the packaging ABC, quite sweet but didn’t weigh my hair down. Can’t get enough of the scent of Peonies especially this time of year, smelt like spring in a field. The most natural smell.  5/5

Balmain Paris
RRP: £90.50 (100ml). https://www.balmainhair.co.uk/en/hair-perfume-100-ml.html
My favourite smell, TARRAGON! I grow loads of tarragon, the combination of liquorice and celery but understated with hints of lilac. Very classic packaging. 4.5/5

KAYALI Déjà Vu White Flower Hair Mist
RRP £34.00 (75ml).  Available at ShopHudaBeauty and Retailers in-store and online.
One of my favourites, having no alcohol which was good as otherwise can leave the hair feeling dry.  I could smell the Neroli (orange blossom), I liked applying it as a mist it was very lightweight and I didn’t need to use too much – left my hair feeling shiny. I love a blossom creation!  4.5/5

Neal & Wolf – Aura Hair & Body Fragrance
RRP 22.75 (50ml).  Aura Hair & Body Fragrance
Love that this fragrance is paraben, cruelty-free and sulphate free.  I felt vanilla takes over the flower notes in the first few seconds. I have very thick hair and it left my hair feeling smooth and shiny. 3.5/5

SACHAJUAN Protective Hair Perfume
RRP: £45.00 (100ml) Stockist: Cult Beauty, net-a-porter
Love the packaging, fresh and soft on my hair.  The scent wasn’t particularly floral, but gives sunny touches of citrus and the Sachajuan signature scent, also being a hair protective spray it is great for being outdoors a lot. 4/5

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