Heighten Hydration – Ways to hydrate hair during the cold

By Jay Birmingham

by Hair Magazine

When the weather gets cold, it’s all we seem to talk about – but seriously the temperatures have been dropping over the last few weeks and I can say that I am feeling it so I’m sure many of you are too. It not only effects our skin and dries that out, but also our hair. Our hair is vulnerable and prone to breakage so we should be adding in moisture wherever possible.

Where to Start
An obvious one that may not seem so obvious, is eating a well-balanced diet and plenty of water. This will help to keep your hair hydrated, healthy and strong.

Shampoo Less
The natural balance of oil and moisture that your scalp and hair require can be preserved by increasing the interval between your washes. For some hair types, it may seem necessary to wash hair every day, but using harsh shampoos often can strip hair of its natural oils, exacerbating scalp irritation and dryness. Because the scalp requires these oils to be healthy, washing your hair every day trains your scalp to produce more of them. Try to reduce washing to once or twice a week. When you do wash, use products with beneficial ingredients that will nourish. I recommend products with oils such as argan and avocado.

Weekly Hair mask
In just ten minutes, the correct hair mask can address a multitude of issues if your hair is severely damaged due to winter’s woes. Simply seek out those that highlight their moisturising qualities.

Cotton towels can cause damage when drying hair, switching to a microfibre towel can protect your hair from breakage.

Braving the cold
Whether you’re venturing out to the shops or to winter wonderland, make sure your hair is completely dry. Going out with wet hair causes dry, brittle hair and breakage. It is also beneficial to wear hats to cover your hair, satin lined would be the best as adds a layer of protection and won’t break off brittle ends.

My products of choice
Getting products to suit your hair type and benefit your hair during winter can be a battle. I have my own hairline, Jay B haircare hydrating shampoo and conditioner duo which has transformed my dry hair and I want you all to experience this too. It contains avocado and argan oil which will really help nourish your hair in these months. As a celebrity hairstylist, I use lots of heat on hair every day and I saw the damage this was having, this is why I’ve spent time creating a hydrating duo to keep hair dehydration at bay.
Keep cosy and hydrated!

Love Jay x


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