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Are you feeling stuck in a rut when it comes to styling your hair? Hairdresser and founder of hair accessory brand Hairslydz Andy Smith shares his top tips on choosing the right accessories for you and your style.
You’ve got your outfit sorted, your make-up’s on point but your hair just isn’t playing ball. We’ve all been there. Fortunately, the right choice of hair accessory can help turn things around, turning a style from ‘meh’ to marvellous in a matter of seconds and putting a stop to Bad Hair Days for good. Whether you’re keen to try a new look or simply want to jazz up your day-to-day style, Andy has the solution for getting it right, every time.

Selecting the perfect hair accessory
The majority of Hairslydz products work for all hair types – it just depends on what style you are going for.
Firstly, think about what style you want to create, then take into consideration the length and thickness of your hair; the types of accessories you can use will depend on your hair type, texture and length.
Thick, curly hair needs a hair accessory that is strong enough to hold the weight of your style. Opt for a hair clip with a larger opening that will grip more hair, helping ensure that everything stays in place for as long as you need it to.
If you’ve got short style or a bit of asymmetry, try clipping the hair behind one ear for a classic yet edgy finish – think late Noughties Kate Moss. A simple hair slide will allow your style to make the statement here.
If you’re looking to secure long hair away from your face, then would I highly recommend a pony cuff. These are great for securing a tight ponytail that won’t budge.

Tips and tricks on styling
I love to create messy, effortless waves. My top tip would be to wash your hair the night before, comb it through and leave to dry overnight. The next day, use a 24mm tong and take small sections, wrapping the hair around vertically, each in a different direction. Allow to cool and run your fingers through it to break up. You can then add a wide ruched headband to complete the look.
When it comes to styling and wanting to secure a high ponytail without causing breakage, then a silk scrunchie would be my ultimate go-to. A 100% pure silk scrunchie is reliable and kind to hair – unlike a tight elastic band, the material will not snag or cause breakage. Mini scrunchies are also great for adding that extra touch to a top knot. Prep hair first with a little hairspray to ensure the scrunchie can grip more easily.
Not sure how best to position hair clips? Aim for a balance on either side of the head – you can use the eyes and cheekbones as a guide to securing your clip in the perfect place.

My favourite accessories to use on clients
This is a tough one but it would probably be the Bitz hair slides and Piecez hair clips. Anyone and everyone can work these into their style. You can mix and match colours, or even double them up and make them discreet or stand out. A favourite look of mine is to add four slides at one side with a tuck behind the ear to add interest to long straight hair.

Which accessories suit which hair styles?
For me, when it comes to a ponytail, I think you can’t go wrong with either a 100% pure silk scrunchie or pony cuff. Or try adding a pop of colour to any style with clips and slides – these are also the best choice for securing fringes to one side. Use Bitz to secure the area of hair first, then double up with a Piecez next to it. This adds extra support and allow you to mix and match colours to make a statement – or just have a subtle-yet-securely fixed ‘do!
Curls need extra care to prevent frizz and maintain texture. Silk scrunchiez (mini and oversized) are ideal for sleeping in – pile hair into a top knot before bed to ensure your curls look as fresh the following morning. Absolutely perfect for a gift.
I love styling beachy waves in a half-up pony to really open up the face. Or use a Ponyz to sweep hair into a loose bun for an effortless yet chic finish.

Hairslydz allows you to make a statement about how you feel and look. However you wear your hair, there is a Hairslydz product suitable for everyone to add details, style and reliability in just the right way. The full collection is available to shop online now at and don’t forget to tag in your beautiful selfies.

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