How to create the Tik Tok 90’s inspired blowdry with Jay Birmingham

by Hair Magazine

It’s hard to avoid the phenomenom of the 90’s inspired blowdry we are currently seeing all over social media and Tik Tok in particular. A look desired by lots of us, Celebrity Hairdresser Jay Birmingham shares how you can create this look.

When your favourite Tik Tok star creates the super model style blowdry, it’s typical that they will be using the sought after Dyson Air Warp. But what about those of you who haven’t managed to get your hands on this or want to save your cash?

There’s lots of ways you can create this style without this expensive tool!

It all starts with the preparation and the products you use to give your hair what it needs to hold the style.
As with any style, started with heat protection. I like the Kerastase Ciment Thermique to not only add heat protection to your hair, but also smooth it out a little. Follow this up with the Color Wow Dream Coat to reduce frizz and create the perfect canvas for your style. Next up, apply a volumising mousse. Make sure to use the sparingly so it doesn’t weigh your hair down. Apply to the roots of your hair to help you create volume.

When you are drying your hair, use a nozzle on your dryer to give more control. Use a round large barrel brush to drag your hair upwards away from your scalp. This will help you create volume and height.

You then have a couple of options, you could firstly create the volume and flicky style using rollers – either heated or velcro work best for this. Apply them in alternating directions throughout sections to give the illusion of more volume and fullness. When putting your rollers in round your face, be sure to style away from your face to create extra height and volume.

Alternatively you can style using a curling iron (or Dyson Air Wrap). You want to again style the hair in alternate directions as you would if using rollers. You can softly pin your curls to help it hold and last. Spray your hair with a firm hold hairspray before brushing out. I like to use a wide tooth comb to brush out and separate the curls to achieve that 90’s style.

Drag a small amount of hair oil through the ends of the hair to finish the look and pull it all together.

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