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More time at home means more time spent looking in the mirror. Having lacklustre locks reflected back at you can be dispiriting, but for anyone motivated to do more for their mane, there’s Viviscal Professional, a scientifically formulated food supplement, with a 25-year track record of giving hair a valuable boost from the inside.

Hero ingredient, marine protein complex AminoMar C, combines with Biotin and Vitamin C, plus Apple Extract and amino acids to maintain healthy hair and restore a more youthful zest.

Suitable for anyone with thicker, fuller, healthier looking hair on their wish list, Viviscal Professional also gets serious with issues such as temporary hair thinning and excess shedding. The confidence only a crowning glory can give is achieved simply by taking these award-winning supplements twice daily as part of a balanced diet. Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Abbey Clancy and Paloma Faith are among the mega-maned A-listers singing their praises. Recommended by hair experts, plus trichologists and dermatologists, Viviscal Professional will help allay clients’ concerns about maintaining hair health in these uncertain times, when heading to the hairdresser’s remains the stuff of dreams.

HAIR has got together with Viviscal so that one lucky ready can experience these ground-breaking virtues!  Win a 3 month supply of Viviscal by subscribing to our fabulous newsletter then sending a dm to @hairmagazine to say why your hair needs a boost!

RRP £60 per box of 60 tablets – recommended 2 per day. Visit Viviscal at

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