Let it Grow: GSC Study Provides Evidence that Hair Grows Great Plants

by Hair Magazine


Hair is great for the green fingered and that is a fact according to surprising new results shown in a recent experiment conducted by Green Salon Collective. The experiment ran from 01/04/2022 until 02/02/2023, used 16 Monstera plants, measuring 4 different levels of ‘hairyness’, with comparable soil types over a period of 308 days to assess the plant across all seasons, as well as to allow enough time for the hair to release Nitrogen and influence the plant’s growth. The care conditions received by all plants in the experiment were identical apart from the hair/no hair placement in the pots, even down to the same ml of water per plant.


What was clear was that hair clippings make for healthier and faster-growing plant cuttings. With their findings, this progressive business team have clearly demonstrated a direct link to hair cuttings and a boost in plant health shown in detailed evidence captured on camera and transposed into graphs.

“The important point here is that in a circular process we are always looking for ways to make new things from waste, and this is an exciting one, we love that hair that is no longer useful to its owner, finds a new way to grow!”. Commented Fry Taylor, of Green Salon Collective.

For a long time now Green Salon Collective have believed that hair in plants improves growth, but they love to back up their theories with data and that is why they commissioned this experiment to support their hypothesis. What the evidence showed in detail is that potted plants with hair clippings grew better than those with no hair. Plants with hair clippings at both the top and bottom did the very best in terms of new leaves and growth. They grew 27% bigger and 107% more leaves than the average plant. In fact, compared to plants with no hair, they grew 87% bigger and 350% more leaves. The placement of hair, either at the top or bottom of the pot had a considerable impact which the hair at the base of the pot having a significantly higher impact, leading the salon to draw a conclusion that the hair supported water and nutrition retention.
On day 73 of the experiment, it was noted that plant pots in the control group, without hair at the bottom, had water spillage over the top of the pot directly after watering. The pots with hair at the base coped better with watering, leading the company to the assumption that the hair helped to absorb some of the water (a welcome finding for those of us who find watering plants to be a chore on a busy day).
“The experiment shows that hair is good for plant care, it improves growth, helps with water retention when watering and impacts plant health in a positive way. It also puts to very good use a waste product from the salon and turns it into positive growth (in a very real way). An idea that at Green Salon Collective, we are all in support of.” Fry Taylor.
This initiative has added to the 10+ ways that Green Salon Collective can recycle hair waste from salons, this solution can be done ‘at home’ and with clients, to boost client interest in sustainability within salons. By conducing these experiments, Green Salon Collective provide key data and results to their salon partners, empowering them to continue to conversation with salon clients and inspire change beyond the salon walls.

For more information about Green Salon Collective, please head to Salon Waste Disposal | Holistic Sustainability | Salon Recycling http://greensaloncollective.com or on Green Salon Collective Instagram @greensaloncollective


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