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Do you remember when every boy who wanted to be up there in the fashion stakes grew a beard, the longer the better?    Well new for 2021 according to our style forecaster multi-award winning Jim Shaw – it’s all gonna be about The Van Dyke.     Named after the 17th Century painter, this beard includes a goatee and moustache without being connected.    Jim says:  “The goatee and moustache have a slightly ‘pointed’ and sharp appearance, which distinguishes this shape from most other beard styles”.

A great thing about this beard style according to Mr Shaw is that it suits everyone and can be tailored to everyone’s individual face shape.   “It can work particularly well for those who don’t get much beard growth but want to have some facial hair.”

Another great thing about this new trend is that it is very low maintenance and all that’s needed to keep the style neat, tidy and defined between appointments at the salon is to keep the rest of the face clean shaven.

If you fancy a 1-2-1 with the very fabulous Jim Shaw – he is based at the TONI&GUY salon in Billericay, Essex.  Tel: 01277 634000    Follow Jim @jimshawhair

Image courtesy of Jim Shaw

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