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With all the news of Omicron spreading rapidly and the reintroduction of more restrictions we looked to Jay Birmingham to spread some festive cheer!

“Even if you are staying at home this Christmas and New Year, there is no reason why you can’t get dressed up and feel glam. To me, Christmas time is all about experimenting with different styles and trying something that is outside your comfort zone. Braids are one of my favourite trends to work with at this time of year, they look incredible and instantly add a glamorous edge to any outfit. This textured, braided up do can be fairly easy to recreate at home if you follow these steps:

1. Avoid washing your hair the same day as your hair will have more grip and manageability if washed 24 hours prior.
2. Begin by sectioning your hair, take a section of hair down the middle of your head – this will form the braid. I recommend taking a section of hair around two or three inches wide for this as you want to be able to make the braid textured and bold enough to complete this look.
3. Take two smaller pieces of hair from within this section of your hair and begin to tie them into knots. This is a great way to create a ‘braided’ effect but by tying knots in your hair, you will be able to add that modern and unique twist which ensures you will stand out from the crowd.
4. Continue the knotting process throughout your hair until you reach the nape of your neck. Don’t be too neat as texture and dimension are key to this look.
5. Tie the end of your braid using a clear hair tie to create a low ponytail and use your fingers and a comb to backcomb the length of the ponytail. Create a lot of volume to ensure that a relaxed and rugged finish is achieved.
6. Finish with a mist of texturising spray and loosen pieces of the braid until you are happy with the finished look.”


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