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“After months in quarantine allowing hair to run free, we are emerging from lockdown with long, beautifully undone locks. Now we seek to enhance this natural texture” says superstylist Jen Atkin.

“Throughout 2021, stylists will be asked to achieve the ‘I woke up like this’ look – an effortless, natural, organic style with loose, unstructured movement. The deconstructed, slightly dishevelled look is to become ever more prominent across both popular culture and on the runway as the year unfolds. Stylists will be the first source of self-styling advice for client’s looking to embrace what Mother Nature gave them.

“Of course, not all of us are blessed with a hair type that will air dry to the perfect undone look, so need a little help. The Dyson SupersonicTM hairdryer with Diffuser attachment is engineered to define curls and waves. The longer prongs reach deep into the hair to disperse air around the hair more evenly, simulating natural drying. For finer or straighter hair types where a natural curl pattern isn’t present, I recommend preparing with a Wave Spray before bending 1-2-inch sections back and forth into an accordion pattern and placing into the diffuser. Use medium heat and low airflow to avoid disturbing the hair and causing unnecessary flyaways.”

The Dyson SupersonicTM hairdryer with Diffuser attachment is available from www.dyson.co.uk/hair-care rrp £299.99.

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Image courtesy of Dyson

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