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Male pattern hair loss is the most common form of hair loss amongst men, with first signs often appearing in their 20s, and by the age of 35, some 66% of men will experience some degree of hair loss.

So while it’s a common complaint, there is still a stigma of not talking about it. However, the marketplace is awash with products and and services to help those with all severities of thinning.

From hormones to diet, stress or lifestyle, there are many factors that can lead to hair thinning and hair loss.  And there is a multitude of solutions and help available on the market.  From platforms such as Manual for Men www.manual.co to hair pieces, supplements and hair transplants, a visit to the trichologist should be the first port of call for a proper diagnosis and regime.

However if you’re looking for style solutions then you’ve come to the right place.  Joe Mills works with some of the country’s top male celebrities, as well as owning Joe and Co barbershop in central London.

“Traditionally, male pattern hair loss comes in two forms – thinning from the front area and thinning from the crown.   Choosing the right hairstyle can help conceal your thinning hair.  So, if you have less hair at the crown, try to keep a little more length through the front.   If you are thinning in the front, you may decide to wear it longer around the back and sides.  Just be careful not to let the sides get too long and thick as it will emphasise the differences in thickness.

Add volume and texture

“One of the key things is your hair needs volume and texture so it doesn’t sit flat to your head, to give the appearance of it being fuller.  Ask your barber to texturise and remove weight from the rest of your hair, this will help the thicker areas match with the thinner areas so it isn’t so obvious.  And remember, short is always better.   Anything longer than 3” will emphasise your thinner areas.

Avoid quick fixes

“Pulling hair into a top knot to hide a balding area, or pulling on a hat are obvious reactions, but try and avoid these as they can actually make it worse.  Pulling hair into a ponytail or mane can add extra stress to your remaining hair, while a hat can cause your scalp to sweat and your follicles clog up with dirt.

Shave if you want to

“Go for a full shave when you feel you are ready – not because you think that’s the only option you have.  There are other options – a short scissor crop with added texture works well on thinning hair without being too brutal. ”

Joe Mills heads up the teams at Joe & Co and The Lounge, Soho  Follow him and his team @joemillshair @joeandcosoho@theloungesohohair

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