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So we’ve all been there haven’t we?    The Year of the Mask!    How do you get to even begin to feel groomed with a mask on?  HAIR magazine caught up with ghd Global Educator, Chloe Swift who suggested these two very lovely, very wearable looks.


“If you find that you get hot when wearing a face mask – and you need to take as much hair off your face as possible but still want my hair to look cute!


“A half up top knot is so ideal for this and the ghd glide professional hot brush (£125) is the perfect tool to quickly sweep half of the hair up into place whilst smoothing and taming the hair at the same time. All you then need is a scrunchie or an elastic to pony tail the top half and then some bobby pins to wrap the hair around into its top knot shape. The key is not to perfect the top knot too much, keep it looking relaxed. Break up the mid lengths and ends with the wide tooth comb and spray ghd final fix spray (£10.95) throughout to hold in place all day.”


“For those people who need to their hair up and make it last all day – here’s the perfect hairstyle.

“The half looped pony is the ideal way to keep your hair up and out of your way all day, but still stay looking chic and sleek.  Prep the hair by applying ghd smooth and finish serum (£16.50) and dry smooth with the ghd helios hairdryer (£159.00).  Brush hair into a low pony tail using the ghd oval dressing brush (£20.00) and secure using an elastic.  On the last pull through of the pony, don’t fully pull the hair through!  Leave the ends still within the elastic and either keep them poking out as a feature or tuck them in with some bobby pins.  Use ghd final fix spray (£10.95) all over to smooth flyaways and keep in place all day.


Images courtesy of ghd

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