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For 20 years Pantone has revealed its ‘Colour of the Year’ which influences everything from fashion to home furnishings to hair!    For 2021 they’ve broken all the rules and revealed not one but two – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating which is by no means a mellow yellow.   So how are the experts going to translate this trend to your hair?

“How often have you gone into the salon saying you want to cover your greys but don’t want it to look yellow?” says Karen Perry colourist at Room 97 Creative.   “Well now we can say yellow is a good thing!   The combination of yellow and grey can be dynamic but beautiful.   A flash of vibrant yellow peaking through a grey fringe will look dramatic and daring but add some fun to an everyday style.”

Martin Crean at MODE in Chippenham feels that the introduction of this palette is literally a breath of fresh air.   “It’s a colour palette that you can really have fun with”, says Martin.   “Ultimate Gray can make your natural greys look more expensive while a vibrant, sunshine yellow will add the wow factor to short hair.”

Marlon Hawkins at Brooks & Brooks, London commented:  “Like fashion you can use as much or as little as you want – a flash of yellow or if you’re feeling bolder, an all-over colour.

“Yellow offers such a diverse range – from pastel lemon through to vibrant acid yellows – and over the years we have worked with it quite regularly both on our photographic shoots and in the salon”, said Mark Leeson @ Mark Leeson salon, Mansfield.   For me it’s all about the persons skin tone – as to what shade of yellow we aim for,  and then of course it’s the style and how best it would be accentuated.    As this picture dictates it can also  look soft and feminine.”

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