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Tim Scott Wright of The Hair Surgery on how to achieve a neon root like Billie Eilish.

Neon is certainly having a moment in the hair world, originally inspired by pop superstar Billie Eilish and her grunge take on the colour pop. However, to get the neon root isn’t as easy as it would appear and Tim Scott Wright of The Hair Surgery strongly advises that you source professional application.

“How you your colourist will go about achieving this look will be very much dependent on the base of your hair colour,” adds Tim.  “If you already have a dark base, it’s much easier as all the colourist needs to do is a ‘reverse root shadow’, where instead of darkening the root down, they lighten the root up to a pale yellow.   Its only then that the neon root can be applied.

“If you are starting from a lighter base, you would still need to pre lighten the roots to a pale yellow and your colourist  can then add the dark mid lengths and ends using a free hand technique similar to balayage.  Once the roots are lightened, the neon or bright colour will be added.”

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