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Karine Jackson (hairdresser)                     Nicola Bell-Shannon (nutritional therapist)


Florence Williams (student teacher)      Donna Booth (designer)

HAIR have got together with this wonderful collective in order to RAISE THE BAR!    Here they try and test the latest craze to hit our bathroom shelves and that is the Shampoo Bars.

Are shampoo bars set to be the unsung heroes of haircare?  These solid sudsers are definitely poised to give their liquid counterparts a run for their money. Typically they are made without sulphates and other harsh detergents and are therefore lauded for being more gentle, cleansing the hair without stripping it. Environmentally, they are also ideal if you’re looking to go plastic-free and they often come ‘naked’ or in recyclable packaging. They’re also good value. One bar should last as long as three bottles of shampoo.

If you are thinking of making the switch from liquid to solid, our HAIR BAND reviewers reveal their results – keep scrolling for their picks of the best shampoo bars.


Stripped the hair of everything hard to run fingers through. Didn’t lather very well.  2/5 KS

The shape of the bar with hard edges was uncomfortable on the palms of your hands, especially as this one took its time to lather up. Had a waxy overall feeling to it. 3/5 DB

Lathered well, felt clean initially but left a slight residue 3/5 NBS

The fragrance free is very useful for sensitive skin, it does have a slight soapy smell which is nice, but I personally preferred the fragranced versions. However this bar does maintain the same clean outcome as the fragranced bars. 3.5/5   FW



Hair felt a little stripped and tangled. 3/5 KJ

Loved this one! In fact I’m not sharing it, after bleaching my hair recently I found my hair to be dry and wispy on the ends. This bar however, left my hair silky and strong and more manageable.

The shape of the bar was easy to handle and foamed up quickly. It also dried up quickly after use so you didn’t have to wait ages to store it. 5/5 DB

This shampoo was probably my favourite. The round shape was easy to hold and while my hair didn’t feel especially squeaky clean straight after washing, it dried really nicely and stayed clean for a good few days. It didn’t sud up as much as liquid shampoo, but I prefer that personally! 4.5/5  FW

The shampoo takes a little bit to lather up but cleans well. Gave my hair good volume.  4/5 NBS



Lathered well smelt lovely and washed out nicely great nice packaging 5/5 KJ

The shape was quite tricky for small hands and was accidently used as a soap bar in confusion. Having the colour difference between the shampoo and conditioner made it easy to identify the different usage. The smell was a bit waxy and synthetic. 3/5 DB

Lovely lather and didn’t feel like it stripped the oils from my hair. Concerned hair would be dry but felt lovely, soft and bouncy after drying.  5/5 NBS

I really liked the cocoa butter smell of this one – it’s a much stronger scent than the other bars. Whilst the square shape wasn’t as easy to hold as round bars, it was quite small so not too tricky. It didn’t keep my hair clear for as long but I did like the result that it kept for a few days. 4/5 FW



Hair feels squeaky clean and easy to lather 4/5 KJ

My favourite by far, lathered up really quickly, great size and shape to hold. Normally find LUSH fragrance overwhelming but this was fresh and lovely. Tried it on my daughter’s thick, curly hair which is also dry after frequent swimming lessons. She loved the colour and the lathering/bubbles aspect and her hair was light and glossy after and dried quickly once towel dried, will definitely use again. Found her hair stayed workable for a few days more than normal, not as many knots! 5/5 DB

Initially smelt overpoweringly of cinnamon although this didn’t linger. Hair felt very clean but I don’t like that it contains sodium lauryl sulphate and found it dried out the skin on my face.  I’m a nutritional therapist and work with clients suffering from a variety of health conditions. I’m always looking to find products that are natural and free from nasty chemicals as well as helping to protect the environment.  3/5 NBS

This shampoo has a strong scent of cinnamon and clove, which I’m not personally a huge fan of, but it is warm and slightly spicy, and might be good for a more unisex shampoo scent. It’s very easy to use, and not much is needed. It also suds up well which helps know that you have enough on your hair. 4/5 FW

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