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A co-op for you and your hairdresser.

That just walked out of the salon feeling – don’t you love it? Sashaying down the road looking at yourself in the shop windows – looking and feeling great. Wouldn’t you love to be able to recreate that every day? Whilst a large part of your look is the hairdresser’s skill, the other part is the products and tools they use. Your hairdresser is passionate about giving you home maintenance advice because when you look good, they look good and they know you will get better results with the right tools and products. Hairdressers will not sacrifice performance, that is why they ONLY use the best products and not the stuff the TV will have you believe is salon professional. In March 2020 the salon industry was shut down in the fight against the Pandemic. Clients were frantically contacting their hairdressers to buy their favourite products. #SALONLOVE was born out of this to help clients get their hands on the salon products they love and to support their salon and stylist. You can browse and purchase shampoo from as little as £8.80 or toner top ups to keep your colour looking good between salon visits. What’s more, when you buy from #SALONLOVE, you support your hairdresser who is rewarded through the partner program. Ask your stylist for their recommendation or choose your own home maintenance program. Download the app #Salonlove or go to and remember to add your hairdresser on checkout.

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