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Ever seen a picture in a magazine and too embarrassed to show the stylist this sylph like glossy model – tried to describe how you would love to wear your hair?    Well turn to Sam Burnett, owner of London lifestyle salon HARE & BONE – he’s joined our ranks to do that very job for you.

  • What do we ask for?  To create this look, you want ask for fabulous disco curls with 50/50 layers.
  • What type of hair do we need to have?  This works best on thick naturally curly hair.
  • How to style it?  Apply a curl defining and boosting cream, defuse on a slow speed with hot heat, head upside down, and define curls with a BaByliss Pro Ultra Slim Wand.
  • What tools would I need? Hairdryer, Diffuser and BaByliss Pro Ultra Slim Wand
  • How often do I need to GO PRO to maintain it ?   The shape and layers will need to be trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain the volume.
  • What length do I ask for?   A face-framing jaw length.
  • Who does it suit?  Anyone with enough sass!
  • If it involves colour – what do I ask for – when to bleach? A full set of classic bleach highlights and bright golden toner. Think retro glamour.
  • How to achieve this look at home – styling wise?   If you don’t have natural curls you could recreate this look on a long bob hair cut using an Ultra Slim Curling Tong.

For your chance to win a fabulous BaByliss Ultra Slim 13mm Curling Tong used by Sam to create this style please follow Instagram:  HAIR MAGAZINE and direct message why your hair needs it!*

*offer closes 31st March 2021.

Image courtesy of Hare & Bone

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