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With news that a shocking 41% of UK salons may not survive lockdown, it’s time for HAIR readers to help.  From Instagram posts to block booking at your salon.  After all, who did you miss most during lockdown?

Family aside, bet your hairdresser was in your top five!

“It took lockdown for people to realise how important hair is to them”, says HAIR Editor, Nicola Shannon.  “The hospitality industry had its VAT cut from 20% to 5% last July to help out pubs and restaurants, whereas the hairdressing industry has received no such government support.”

Our hairdressers are there to support us when we need them so what can we do to help them right now?

Follow HAIR’s  check list and help our hairdressers!

  1. Follow the #ChoptheVAT hashtag and repost where you can.   The more support the hair, beauty and barber industry receive, the more likely it is the UK Government will take notice.
  2. When you can, share your hair cut or colour on social media and tag your salon or hairdresser in your post.   This will help salons to get new clients through their doors as soon as they can reopen.
  3. Tell your friends about your favourite hairdresser and quite simply, share the love.
  4. Shop for professional hair products from your salon, many are still open for retail and can supply with the right tools to use at home.
  5. Block book your appointments.   That way salons will have some added financial security.

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