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2023 is officially the year for scalp care
When it comes to healthy hair, it starts at your scalp so its no surprise that if you look after your scalp it will result in stronger, thicker and healthier hair.
Your scalp and hair have their own microbiome. An imbalanced scalp microbiome can lead to issues like dermatitis, eczema, dandruff and more.
Studies have found that the scalp ages 12x faster than your body and 6x faster than your face, so therefore needs to be well looked after.

Here are some fantastic ways to look after your scalp and achieve healthy hair:

Everyone knows they should exfoliate their face and body, so why would we not exfoliate our scalp?
Many people are missing out on this crucial step for healthy hair, especially when it’s ageing as fast as it is.
Scalp oiling is another great way to make sure your scalp is well moisturised. A lot of people don’t like the idea of scalp oiling as they believe it will lead to an oily scalp, but the same thing applies to your face. From a young age many of us believe that if you have oily skin we should stay away from moisturiser, however it should be the opposite. If your scalp is dry you will produce more sebum to compensate for the lack of moisture in your hair just like you do on your face.
Using a scalp massager is another great way to look after your scalp, it helps to increase blood flow and circulation to the scalp leading to faster hair growth. It also helps to remove product build-up which weighs your hair down.

Another great product to invest in is a detox shampoo, which you should use twice a month depending on the number of products you use.
When you use dry shampoo and other styling products it weighs down the hair and can block your hair follicles, which prevents your hair from growing and can cause hair loss.
By using a detox shampoo, it gives your hair and scalp a clean and healthy environment for hair to grow and boosts the effectiveness of other hair products.

We have found some fantastic scalp loving Shampoo and Conditioners that HAIR recommends:

Using pure and naturally derived ingredients for revitalised, stronger, and healthier hair, ByErim Luxury Shampoo contains a plethora of ingredients including caffeine which helps stimulate the scalp and hair shaft resulting in hair growth and longer, wider hair roots. Their shampoo also contains Lactic Acid which removes old, dull cells on the skin’s surface by dissolving the bonds that hold them together. The ByErim Luxury Conditioner also contains an array of multi beneficial ingredients including castor oil and a fatty acid known to fight inflammation. When applied to the scalp, it is thought to promote healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss. Both products are silicone, paraben, SLS, sulphate free and colour safe
RRP: ByErim Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner 300ml, RRP: £25 each

This botanical Shampoo and Conditioner are designed to gently cleanse the scalp without stripping away essential nutrients for all round better hair health. Instead, it’s packed with the vitamins and nutrients your hair needs including Soy Isoflavones, Keratin and Marine Collagen. The growth promoting, DHT inhibiting CAPILL-Hair Conditioning Treatment is designed to condition and enrich hair strands without adding weight to the hair.
RRP: Capill-Hair Shampoo and Capill-Hair Conditioning Treatment 150ml, RRP: £12 each

Deeply cleanse hair with a burst of freshness with this tea tree and mint scalp shampoo. Made with peppermint, tea tree oil and witch hazel, it invigorates the senses with a refreshing tingling sensation. Follow up by deeply conditioning hair with a burst of freshness with this tea tree & mint conditioner, also made with peppermint, tea tree oil and witch hazel. A great, more affordable option.
RRP: Scalp + Teatree Mint Shampoo and Conditioner 385ml, RRP: £6.99 each

Combining high-performing microbiome active technology, skincare-inspired ingredients with customisation, it perfectly treats scalp and hair at once. The key benefits include soothing the scalp from the first use, while moisturising and protecting.
RRP: Scalp Clinix Soothing Shampoo RRP: £18.75
Scalp Clinix Soothing Treatment RRP: £21.95

Soothe a red irritated scalp with the INSIGHT Lenitive Shampoo. It’s an intensive, moisturising, calming and rebalancing shampoo designed specifically for irritated scalps. Hair is left silky and soft and considerably calmer.
Follow with INSIGHT Lenitive Scalp Comfort Cream to rebalance the epidermal function of the scalp. It gives a pleasant sensation of freshness and reduces redness, containing Indian Fig Extract, Organic Aloe Extract and Organic Mallow Extract for the ultimate scalp treat. Simply wash the hair then massage gently into the scalp before drying the hair. Alternatively, this can also be used on dry hair.
INSIGHT Lenitive Shampoo 400ml, RRP: £18.50.
INSIGHT Lenitive Scalp Comfort Cream 100ml, RRP: £18.50

The Alterna Clinical Densifying collection now features even more powerful, transformative ingredients to improve thickness, texture and density including: Amla Indian Gooseberry, which is commonly used for hair thickening, to improve hair health and reduce scalp irritation along with Red Clover, a healing herb renowned for improving hair thickness, strength, and softness for fuller hair.
Alterna’s gentle cleansing treatment is formulated with a luxurious texture to cleanse the scalp, eliminate impurities and build-up, and give the appearance of fuller, thicker hair. Alterna’s gentle Self-foaming Conditioner infuses weightless, nourishing moisture to delicate, thinning hair for healthy body and movement.
Alterna Clinical Densifying Shampoo 250ml, RRP: £44.60
Alterna Densifying Foam Conditioner 240g, RRP: £44.60

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