Secret Sessions with Jay Birmingham

by Hair Magazine

This month has been full of tv work for me which I love. It’s not red carpet season at the moment for my clients so my schedule has been full of tv work with Rochelle Humes for This Morning, Munroe Bergdorf for an exciting show that will air later this year and Alex Scott for the iconic women’s final in the 2022 Euro’s. I have learned a lot from my experience working with celebrities back stage on the production of TV and I am happy to share it all with you.
I always pre pack my kit and when I am travelling for work, I need to pre plan the looks, too. This is partly because I need to be smart with my kit and not over pack and I also need to make sure I have everything I will need. I do always take back up things with me to ensure I a prepared for any eventualities but I do try not to travel with my entire kit.
Usually when you are working on television, the call times tend to be really early. For me, this means I need to be organised the night before with my kit, my own clothes and everything I may need and definitely a healthy breakfast that I can take on the go. I usually prepare a breakfast in the evening or I will have a healthy shake or smoothie to ensure I am all set up for a good and busy day. This is my top tip for all freelance hairdressers – make sure you take care of yourself and your health even when you are super busy.
When it comes to styling hair for tv, sometimes we have to do two or even three looks and this can take it’s toll on their hair. When this is the case, I try to avoid doing too much heated styling. I always want my client’s hair to feel healthy and look that way too. To help with this, I tend to lean towards a straight look that’s down for the first look and then move towards a wave or a curl or maybe half up, or a bun for example. This means that there is only a small amount of heat going on to the hair.
It’s important to remember, whether you’re working on tv, red carpet glam or a photographic shoot, no matter what it is you need to remain professional at all times and do the best job you possibly can.

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