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Silver shampoos have always been a bug bear for natural, grey, highlighted or bleach blondes as they tend to dry the hair out, leaving locks frizzy and unmanageable. Swedish haircare brand Nine Yards spent years consulting with top Swedish hairdressers and customers to find the holy grail of a silver shampoo – one that does the job of banishing brassy tones but leaves hair nurtured at the same time.

Nine Yards Silver Linings Blonde Shampoo and True Cool Blonde Conditioner neutralize yellow, brassy hues and restore cool blonde tones effectively – but with a difference… Nine Yards has found the perfect balance between a mild cleanse, silver pigment quantity and nourishing, 100% vegan ingredients for cared for blonde locks.

Here comes the technical bit… for a silver shampoo to work effectively at neutralizing yellow tones, the hair cuticle needs to be opened so that the pigments can be absorbed into the hair shaft. The more the cuticles are opened the deeper the pigments penetrate and the more ‘cooling’ effect you achieve. The problem is when the cuticles are opened or raised like this, the hair also releases moisture, making it dry and brittle.

Nine Yards discovered that if they used milder surfactants in the shampoo, they avoided opening the cuticles too much, which stopped the hair getting too dry. To balance this, they increased the strength of the pigment (since the pigments wouldn’t penetrate as deep into the hair) to gain effective colour neutralization, supplementing this with nourishing, natural ingredients such as Shea butter, superfood Broccoli Seed oil, Jasmine flower extract, Green Tea and Aloe Vera.

‘Silver Linings Blonde Shampoo’ 300ml- £19.50 ‘True Cool Blonde Conditioner’ 300ml- £19.50

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