Stormzy’s 30th Birthday Bash: Alesha Dixon’s Show-Stopping “Sexy at the Front, Party at the Back” Look!

by Hair Magazine

It’s Jay Birmingham, and I’m thrilled to share the inside scoop on the beautiful hair look I curated for the talented Alesha Dixon at Stormzy’s iconic 30th Birthday Gala, also known as the Mike Gala. We aimed to strike the perfect balance between sophistication and celebration, and the only way I can best describe it as ‘sexy at the front, party at the back’.

The transformation began by blow-drying Alesha’s hair, ensuring a sleek and smooth foundation. As Alesha has natural curly hair, I used Color Wow Dream Coat to tame and smooth the curls, ensuring a frizz free look.

Alesha’s hairstyle featured a chic sleek bun, with a deep side parting, an elegant choice for the gala. To ensure the bun was flawlessly styled, I used my very own Jay B Haircare Hydrating Conditioner to comb hair into place, this helped keep the hair flat to the head, while also adding shine. Creating a deep side parting which perfectly complemented Alesha’s features. I used the Color Wow hairspray to secure, leaving out the fringe at the front.

Now, for the party vibes at the back – I brought in our creative twist technique! Taking small sections of hair (around one inch thick), I twisted them tightly in the same direction, ensuring a sleek and uniform appearance. I used conditioner to twist the hair for extra shine and smoothness.

To secure the twists close to the head, I placed them carefully and pinned them into place, leaving the ends playfully sticking out. This detail added a playful edge to the overall sophistication of the sleek bun.

Let’s not forget the fringe! It played an essential role in framing Alesha’s face beautifully. I straightened her fringe inwards, which helped to shape her face. I finished the look by adding Color Wow Shine Spray which gave the look a glossy finish.

As Alesha stepped onto the red carpet, her sleek bun hairstyle wowed the crowd. The seamless combination of side parting and the party-ready twists at the back, made a powerful statement that perfectly captured the spirit of Stormzy’s milestone birthday celebration.
Remember, you can always find the perfect blend of elegance and fun in your hairstyle choices!

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