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Summer is just around the corner and with that in mind, it’s time to get our summer hair ready! Of course, styling products including texturising sprays, balms and mousses for air dried hair are always a huge hit in the warmer months, however, care products are equally important during the summer months to prep our hair and keep it looking incredible, instead of becoming dry, dull and damaged from the effects of the sun, humidity and chlorine.

When it comes to ‘prepping’ the hair for the season, I always recommend Bond Building products and my favourite duo are the ALTERNA Caviar Bond Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. Hair can be more prone to damage during summer and bond building products are essential to help repair hair and mend split ends, providing it with the ultimate in hair recovery! The ALTERNA Caviar Bond Repair range also includes a Masque and this is essential to use one-two times per week to give the hair even more of a deeply moisturising and reparative treatment. By using these types of products, you will keep your hair free from damage and breakage and instead, keep it soft, shiny and healthy.

Using a leave in moisturising spray/detangler is also essential in the summer months to give your hair an extra dose of nourishment and to keep your hair free from knots and tangles. The ALTERNA Caviar Replenishing Moisture Priming Leave-In Conditioner is one of my favourites and it also protects hair from from heat up to 232°C. If you’re heading on holiday, spritz in your hair after coming out of the pool or sea to keep hair protected at all times and to avoid hair from drying out.

Once you have your hair care routine nailed, it’s time to invest in some quality styling products to keep your hair looking and feeling amazing at all times. During summer, I always advise clients to try and step away from the heated styling tools as much as possible! Heat damage is already being done to your hair by the sun, so you don’t want to over style your hair with heated styling tools on top of this, which will result in your hair colour fading, becoming frizzy, dry and damaged. Instead, invest in products that will enhance your natural hair!

One of my favourite styling products is the My Hair. My Canvas. Easy Does It Air Dry Balm, which you can apply on to your natural hair to provide frizz-control and enhance your natural style. I particularly love this to smooth the hair down and give it a glossy finish.Beach waves are a huge trend during summer and the easiest way to create these is with a texture spray. The My Hair. My Canvas. Any Way Texture Spray can be spritzed into damp hair and scrunched in to give hair added texture, bounce and that ‘just off the beach’ finish!

Low slung ponytails and sleek buns are another huge trend this season, which requires little to no styling! Due to the added heat in the summer, most of us just want to put our hair up and out of our faces, and we also want to disguise any sweat! Using products like hair serums are a great way to disguise any oily hair whilst giving the hair a sleek and polished appearance and also added moisture and hydration! The sun can extract the moisture from our hair, so by leaving these kinds of products on our hair it’s a great way to retain the moisture and keep our hair looking smooth and shiny. The ALTERNA Caviar Replenishing Moisture Intensive Ceramide Shots come in capsules and are easy to travel with and use on the go. Dispense into your hand and smooth into your hair an instant luxe finish.

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