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As we transition into the crisp and cosy days of Autumn/Winter 2023, I want to talk about the latest hair trend, the most versatile and timeless hairstyle buns.
Now, this may sound boring, but I really believe a bun is a perfect look for so many occasions and my go to when working with my celebrity clients.

The ‘Messy’ Bun 
I put messy in speech marks as it isn’t really messy at all. Carefully dishevelled but flawless all at the same time. You can do so much with a messy bun, leave it all up, pull one side out at the front, pull both sides out at the front, straight or curled. The options are endless, and they look so flattering on everyone.
The Sleek Bun 
This refined and polished look emphasises clean lines and precise styling, offering a sophisticated twist on the traditional bun. I opt for a sleek bun when my client is going for an out there look and the hair needs to be kept to the back, like this look for Khloe for Balenciaga. Alternatively, when Sofia was doing wedding dress fittings, I knew a sleek bun would be the perfect option.

The High Bun 
Looking to make a bold statement? The high bun is your ultimate go-to. With head-turning appeal, the high bun screams sophistication and glamour. Whether attending a glamorous event or simply for your daily attire, the high bun ensures you stand out from the crowd – in a good way!

P.S. it doesn’t need to just be one bun either, Mahalia is rocking the two high bun look!


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