The best way to prepare clients for summer hair

Quotes from Kirsty Judge, Rush Hair

by Hair Magazine

During the summer months, hair can be open to a lot of damage due to nature’s elements and the overuse of products and tools. It’s something that is a hot topic both in and out of the salons as clients strive for the perfect hair at all times.

As hairstylists, our job is not only to provide our clients with the hair they’ve always dreamed of, but to ensure their hair is in great condition and they take care of it in between appointments. With summer fast approaching it’s important that we get our clients into the way of regular maintenance and care in order to keep hair hydrated and looking fabulous throughout the hotter months – if they ever arrive!

Encourage regular salon visits
With the cost of living hanging over us all, clients and salons alike, I would recommend clients pop in for a small trim every 8 – 10 weeks to remove any split ends or damaged hair. As we know the cost of a full colour appointment may not be something clients are able to commit to every 8 weeks, however putting appointments in place such as a cut and style is a way to keep visiting whilst taking care of their hair – it reduces the cost too. Team this with a deep conditioning mask to give hair an extra boost! Hair masks as we know can aid in nourishing and moisturising hair. They’re especially helpful for frizzy, dry, or damaged hair so are even important during this time of year.

Educate them on home care
Retail – something we all need to really focus on and push within our salons. The products we recommend are not developed for no reason, they are there to work with the hair and ensure it stays healthy, nourished and remains vibrant and fresh! Educate your clients that natural hair oils are normal and healthy for their hair and that the reason they are experiencing dry hair may be due the amount they are washing it. Encourage them to start washing less, once or twice a week and to use a professional standard shampoo such as KMS Moist Repair. Share your knowledge and don’t be afraid to recommend things. Likewise, another way to entice them is to offer small samples for them to try before they buy – this is a great way to bring them into the world of professional haircare. Remember it may also be necessary for your client to switch to a different shampoo and conditioner during the warmer months as their hair changes with the warmer weather.


The Importance of Diet
It may something that is known but not communicated, however diet is so vital to hair health and something that plays a huge part in the condition of the hair. Encourage your clients to drink plenty water and stay hydrated throughout summer – this can only benefit the hair! Hair is just like the skin and requires continuous maintenance to keep it looking and feeling fantastic.

Different Styles
As hairdressers we are well aware of the effects of over use of electric styling tools – they not only can damage the hair, they can also encourage colour fade and have a drastic effect. Teamed with the hot weather this can quickly dry out the hair and result in dry, damaged ends. Instead, take your clients through a variety of looks and styles, showing them how to recreate and home as an alternative to using heated appliances. Styles such as fishtail braids, relaxed topknots or volumised ponytails are a great way to keep hair in place without any heat!


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